Vancouver Swapping the Fog for Colder Air and Some Mountain Snow in Forecast...Jan 27th

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  • Our incredibly strong high pressure system that has been in place basically for the last 15 days, will finally see it's demise thanks to an approaching Pacific system tonight
  • If we make it to midnight with no rain, that puts YVR at the 2nd longest Jan dry stretch in recorded history (1st is 17 days). 14 days is the current 2nd longest stretch.
  • The ridge was not only responsible for record temps and melting snow at the local mountains but also for locking moisture and fog in for much of Vancouver these past few days
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  • The fog will break down this afternoon as the new system approaches but it will be slow to dissipate out as the inversion takes time to break down, especially with minimal sun thanks to the new system's increasing clouds
  • By tonight, the fog should be mixed out, but will be replaced by overnight showers and yes it's true, colder air for the mountains is on the way starting tomorrow
  • This system will be bringing showers to Vancouver through the day tomorrow, and maybe a few cm accum to Whistler, but will start off as rain for the locals. Looks like by Wednesday the air will be cold enough for snow machines to get going on the North Shore
  • The general pattern all week is unsettled, as a cooler upper level low pressure system sinks into place. The upper level air will continue to cool all week and by Thursday, as snow levels continue to drop to around 1000 m, mountains should all get some of the white stuff
  • Tough to say at this point exactly how much snow but some indications that it could be the kind of amounts to please the seasons pass holders. Fingers crossed those models are the right ones..
  • Meanwhile temps at Vancouver will stay around 7 for the next few days with milder overnight lows with no fog. By Friday and into the weekend we may get into a cold and sunny period..
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Extreme Cross-Country Contrast: More Brutal Winter for the East
  • Fresh snow and strong winds continued to lead to 401 pile-ups and an all-round nasty weekend to southern Ontario. Now the cold front is moving though dropping wind chills to below -30 tonight: wind chill warnings in place inc Toronto tonight. Great Lakes ice cover is also a big talker.. long range concerns.
  • Same cold front is bringing  flash freeze to much of Atlantic Canada tonight and tomorrow morning as fresh rain falling today changes over to ice tonight
  • The latest impending polar plunge will rival the frigid days from earlier this January for the coldest daytime highs and nighttime lows so far this winter, it will just not sink as far south as last time. 
  • The break-down of our high pressure system in the west coast today though is the key to recovery in the east: Pacific air that was previously blocked, will begin to filter across the country, as the extreme jetstream straightens out. By the end of the week much more seasonal weather for everyone.
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More Winter Weather for the Eastern US
  • Same cold front tracking through Ontario today, trailing all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico bringing wintery weather in the form of snow and ice to develop from central Texas to the eastern Carolinas on Tuesday through Wednesday. Many travel delays expected 

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