Showers move in tonight.. Rain & Mountain Snow all Week...Jan 6th

  • Our weekend ridge of high pressure is sinking south today but allowing for one more sunny, but sub-zero start
  • Clouds will increase this afternoon though as a frontal system approaches the south coast, bringing evening showers tonight & Tuesday
  • A stronger system will move in for Wed & Thu bringing wet & windy weather with periods of showers & ran continuing through the end of the week
  • Temps in Vancouver will recover to 7/8 highs this week but the good news here is the freezing levels
  • Looks like the snow level sits around 1000-1200 m this week which means snow for the top of the local mountains. I'll have a better look at amounts today but could be the first good week this season for significant snow

Severe Weather North a Nutshell
  • Where to begin today...A new, messy winter storm is now eastern Canada bringing blizzard conditions & freezing rain to Ontario, rain and dramatic melting for Maritimes & NFLD.
  • Behind the system temps are plummeting with a 2nd surge of arctic air. Freezing surfaces a concern tonight for Toronto
  • That cold air still has a strong hold on the eastern Prairies with widespread wind chill warnings and extreme cold in place today - it's not only moving east but south as well. Heart of the coldest air in southern Prairies & northern states. 
  • Check Environment Canada for the latest warnings in your area!
polar vortex.png
Ontario Messy Weather
  • Dangerous driving conditions will continue tonight across Ontario as roads freeze up and snow squalls continue..cold air the bigger story tonight though as the precip ends 
  • Snow, freezing rain and rain began across southern Ontario and Quebec on Sunday as temperatures hovered near the zero degree mark. 
  • As the centre of the low pressure system moved by today, plunging temperatures prompted widespread wind chill and flash freeze warnings...flash freeze has ended as surfaces are already icing up this afternoon
  • Dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled at Toronto's Pearson International Airport early Monday, as well as Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.
  • In the wake of the storm centre, bitterly cold west to northwest winds will result in the development of intense snow squalls southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay for 10 to 15 cm as well as Blizzard warnings for up to 30 cm of snow possible in some places by Tuesday morning.

Flooding Concerns Atlantic Canada
  • The same Ontario storm system will track across Quebec today and into Atlantic Canada tonight bringing first very warm temps and rain, before a big cool-down mid-week
  • Rainfall warnings in place for southern NS including Halifax as well as parts of NFLD today
  • Strong southeasterlies gusting near 80 km/h will spread across much of Atlantic Canada tonight with this front along with ice pellets and freezing rain ahead of the warm air
  • Areas of southern Nova Scotia and Eastern and Central Newfoundland are expected to see between 10 and 30 mm by Tuesday afternoon. The combination of rain and warm temperatures will likely lead to significant snowmelt creating the possibility of localized flooding where water is unable to drain due to the current snow pack.

Deep Freeze Round 2
  • The heart of the cold air for the next couple days is in the eastern Prairies & northern States - coldest temps in 20 years for parts of the US
  • What is this 'Polar Vortex? ...the new weather word of the week! Its really just an area of low pressure that is always sitting over the North Pole, helping to keep that cold air locked in place..This week the Arctic jetstream, which is particularly strong, has slide down across NA (which does happen) allowing the cold polar air to follow suit. Strong winds around the centre of this system bring brutal wind chills
  • By Wednesday, nearly half the US - about 140 million people -- will shiver in temperatures minus 25 C or below, which is why the Red Cross is warning people to be prepared..lots of concern for frozen pipes and power outages as the cold comes with snow for parts of the eastern seaboard
  • By tomorrow am it could feel like -40 in Toronto as this air tracks east an south
  • Warm-up will begin mid-week for eastern Canada!!!

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Chance of showers



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