More Rain Today, Pineapple Express Set-up Tomorrow...Jan 9th

  • After a record dry December, January is starting off on a very soggy note
  • Between 10-30 mm of rain has already fallen since Tuesday for Vancouver, with the strongest system still to impact the southern coast Friday night through Saturday morning. 
  • Skies will remain showery today for Vancouver, easing through the overnight and for Friday morning before the big storm arrives Friday afternoon. Another general 5-10 mm today.
  • Heavy snow for the southern mountain passes expected again tonight and snow has been falling for the local mountains above 1100 m. 10-50 cm will fall for the south coast mountains over the next 36 hours..changing to rain on Saturday though
  • That's because this next system will be tapping into sub-tropical moisture and heavy rain, strong and gusty winds and rising snow levels (above 1500 m) are expected Friday night into Saturday 
  • Flooding is a concern with the heavy rain in areas that will have received the heavy snowfall leading up to tomorrow. 
  • Avalanche danger will also be elevated as we head into the weekend

The Big Melt
  • Warm air is moving into southern Ontario for the weekend - light snow will begin first for the great lakes tomorrow morning but then much of southern Ontario will see a true January thaw with highs of 5-10°C forecast on Saturday
  • Ice jam flooding will be a concern though for all of eastern Canada this weekend, as Atlantic Canada also sees Spring-like temperatures by Sunday
  • Parts of the US will also be on flood watch as we head into the weekend

Polar Vortex May be Gone.. But Solar Storm Arriving Tonight!
  • Northerners thawing out from a bitter freeze may get rewarded with shimmering northern lights the next couple of days.
  • An X-class solar flare - the strongest kind - burst off the sun Tuesday - the first of 2014. Its collection of plasma has organized into something called a coronal mass ejection (CME), and is headed in the general direction of Earth. 
  • This means auroras (northern lights) as far south as the central U.S. tonight and tomorrow night
  • Check out Canada's space weather forecast

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    A mix of sun and cloud



    A mix of sun and cloud









    A mix of sun and cloud