Inversion break Tomorrow, But More Foggy Days and Melting Mountains Ahead...Jan 20th

  • A high pressure system will remain stationed over much of southern BC this week leading to foggy and cool weather along the coast & valleys, but blue skies and warm temps above
  • The inversion layer is building for today, and will pick up again Wednesday through to next week, helping to lock morning fog and cooler temps in for the coast and valleys
  • Some mixing is helping to clear skies out this afternoon for a mix of sun and cloud but fog will redevelop again tonight
  • Tomorrow we will have a good chance of clearing out as we loose the inversion for one day leading to a good mix of sun and cloud in the afternoon thanks to a little system that may also bring a few afternoon showers, but then the ridge re-strengthens starting Wednesday = harder for fog to clear out
  • The pattern looks to continue right through to the weekend before weakening early next week.. temperatures in the low to mid-teens will continue to be the story above 1500 m 

Rosetta comet probe wakes from space hibernation
  • A comet-chasing space probe that has been in hibernation for almost three years has woken up and sent its first signal back to Earth.
  • The European Space Agency received the all-clear message "Hello World!" from its Rosetta spacecraft some 800 million kms away shortly after 1 p.m. ET
  • Rosetta was put into hibernation in 2011 to conserve energy for its long journey to meet with up with a comet that it plans to rendezvous with in the coming months, eventually dropping the 1st ever lander onto its icy surface in November.
hey rosetta.jpg
An artist's impression of the Rosetta orbiter deploying the Philae lander to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. (ESA, C.Carreau/Associated Press)

Cold Air Returning for Central/Eastern Canada
  • The jetstream is once again dipping down from north ushering in arctic air
  • Wind chill warnings are in place for most of Ontario & Quebec including Toronto & Ottawa for -35 wind chills tonight and tomorrow morning
  • City of Toronto has already issued extreme cold alert - temps are dropping as we speak for afternoon highs tomorrow in the -17 range. Will stay frigid through to the weekend
  • SK and MB in the -40 wind chills tonight too, closer to -50 in northern MB
cold canada.png
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Big Snow Storm for Atlantic Canada Tomorrow Night
  • Winter storm watches have already been issued for all of NS, PEI and much of NB
  • A strong low pressure system is developing over the U.S. Eastern Seaboard tomorrow and will track northeastward along Atlantic Canada through Wednesday 
  • A significant amount of snow is expected along with strong winds and blowing snow to most of the Maritimes..and for NFLD Wednesday
  • Too early too say for sure on the exact amounts but this cold be a 25-30+ cm storm for some
winter storm watch east.png
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