Fog Down Here..But Heat, Sunshine & Avalanche Danger Above...Jan 17th

- Our ridge of high pressure continues to dominate today, bringing clear skies and warm temps aloft, and socked in fog below
- With moisture trapped in thanks to a surface inversion, fog will likely persist for most of the day for coastal areas, as well as the BC interior
- Temperatures will struggle to get above 5 or 6 degrees if we stay locked in the fog, but temps for the local mountains will soar into the 8-10 degree range
- A Special Public Avalanche Warning for most of BC remains in place for the back country thanks to the sun & warmth creating unstable conditions
- It looks like our ridge will weaken slightly tomorrow as a system approaches the coast from the Pacific - that should help mix the fog out for Saturday
- But our ridge re-strengthens Sunday and well into next week meaning more foggy conditions along the south coast for the foreseeable future
- There is a special weather statement in place for the persistent long range fog
- The temperature we are seeing in the upper levels is definitely above seasonal and very unusual for this time of the year.. I'll take a look at what kind of stats I can dig up, but I imagine we will break a few records..

California Drought Connected to BC's Weather
- The same unusually strong high pressure system is affecting all of western NA - this is bringing more dry weather to California drought & fire conditions
-  California Gov. has declared a drought emergency for the state, saying it is facing "perhaps the worst drought that California has ever seen since records (began) about 100 years ago."
- Meanwhile a few temos in Oregon hit 30 degrees yesterday - wild for January

Meanwhile Arctic Air Back in the Forecast for the East
- Temps will slowly be dropping over the weekend from Ontario through to Atlantic Canada
- By early to mid next week, arctic air will have dropped in once again on the eastern half of the country bringing afternoon highs down to the minus teens!

Russian Weatherman Promises 'Blanket of Snow' for Sochi
- The Sochi Winter Olympics will have enough snow, Russia's top weatherman predicted Monday.
Roman Vilfand sought to end any concerns about snow shortages by insisting that there would be a suitably wintry setting for the February 7-23 event in the mountains around the Black Sea resort.
- "There's snow right now at all the Olympic facilities, and now it's possible to say with confidence that there will be a blanket of snow at all the Olympic venues
- Fresh snow is indeed in the forecast for the week ahead for the Sochi mountains

Satellite will 'chase' tropical storms
- A freshly-built satellite has been designed to observe storms forming in the tropical oceans and track their movement into other latitudes as well as to improve measurements of rain and snowfall.
- The satellite will be launched in February on a Japanese rocket.

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