Few More Days of Sunny & Mild Ahead...Jan 24th

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** Afternoon Update **

Just got some great numbers back from Environment Canada regarding our incredible dry stretch for Vancouver. Today is day 12 of no rain in what is usually one of our wettest months. If we hold off until the Tuesday inevitable showers then that will be a 15-day dry stretch for YVR. Is that an all-time record? Not quite. 1957 saw 17 rain-free days in a row from Jan 12-28. Second place though could be ours for the taking with 14 days back in 1993 holding the current title. Not a prestigious record though with low and slushy snow on the mountains and long-term concerns for water level issues down the road. But for the live-for-today in us, yes it has been amazing.

  • Same story right through the weekend as we remain under the influence of a very strong ridge of high pressure: sunny & warm aloft, with fog and stratus starting our days off
  • This morning the fog held on a little longer for some gorgeous morning sun & fog pictures. But outflow from the valleys is now helping to mix things out, along with help from the sun - brilliant afternoon
  • Fog will reappear tonight but lovely Sat afternoon ahead for Vancouver... warm mountains will continue as well in the inversion but locations like Squamish may break daily temp records again today too with highs in the low teens
  • At this point it looks like we keep this weather until Monday when the ridge finally breaks down - it has been unusually strong, bringing record breaking heat to parts of the Yukon! And quite the contrast to our friends in eastern Canada, on the other side of a dramatic jetstream
  • By Tuesday the jetstream will straighten out bringing more seasonal weather pattern to the west coast - showers and hopefully snow for the second half of next week
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Extreme Temperature Contrasts Across the Country
  • The exaggerated jetstream is bringing extreme cold to the eastern half of the country, and record-breaking warmth to the west
  • A number of temp records broken yesterday in BC, AB and the Yukon - warmer in Whitehorse than parts of Florida yesterday
  • Meanwhile wind chills remain in the -25 to -40 range tonight from SK through to NFLD.
  • A special weather statement is in place for Toronto for blowing snow along with very strong winds tomorrow thanks to an approaching arctic low pressure system
  • Gusty winds earlier today have already led to white-out conditions east of TO leading to a multi-vehicle crash has closed the eastbound Highway 401 near Brighton, Ontario
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Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes' WHAT?!
  • Just when we thought we were had BH's sussed, in a paper posted online, the physicist, who is one of the creators of modern black-hole theory, does away with the notion of an event horizon, the invisible boundary thought to shroud every black hole, beyond which nothing, not even light, can escape.
  • He says: "There is no escape from a black hole in classical theory, but quantum theory enables energy and information to escape."
  • Instead, Hawking's radical proposal is a much more benign "apparent horizon", which only temporarily holds matter and energy prisoner before eventually releasing them, albeit in a more garbled form. 
  • Well I think it's cool - basically the man who proposed the phenomena that we are finally feeling like we are starting to figure out is saying we need to modify the theory..and it's not quite as cool
  • http://www.nature.com/news/stephen-hawking-there-are-no-black-holes-1.14583

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