Dry Weather Continues..As Does Overnight Fog... Jan 22nd

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  • Our high pressure system has re-established over the Pacific and will be strengthening over the next few days
  • Temperatures will be quite mild all week as well: 7-8 degree afternoon highs with cool overnights
  • The main feature to watch for will be fog and low stratus developing through the overnights and lingering through the mornings..but there is a good chance things will burn off my the late mornings for gorgeous afternoons..keeping an eye on Friday for the chance fog could linger through the day
  • An inversion is building in along with the high pressure so temps will get into the double digits for the mountains
  • Looks like the ridge (and the dry weather) lasts right through the weekend and into early next week...next chance for rain will be Tuesday into Wednesday as upper level temps also drop. Could be some mountains snow in the forecast for next week if we can hold out till then
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Lots more where this came from! If we can get through the morning fog..

Nor'easter Continues Today & Tonight 
  • Blizzard warnings remain in place today for all of NS, PEI and parts of NB as dangerous blizzard conditions lead to schools closures and cancelled flights
  • The first wave of snow starting around midnight last night with 10+cm of snow on the ground for Halifax as we head into the afternoon. But winds are the real concern as they steadily increase to 60-70 km/h gusts
  • The blizzard criteria are at least four hours of blowing snow, a reduced visibility of 400 meters or less and also sustained winds of 40 km or greater so widespread white-out conditions will continue through to this evening
  • Snowfall totals could exceed 40 cm for some sections of Nova Scotia
  • Meanwhile, it will be a similar story for much of Newfoundland today as the storm pushes north for deteriorating conditions tonight and into tomorrow: Blizzard, winter storm, rainfall and wind warnings cover the province.

Cold Behind the Storm
  • Areas clobbered by the storm along the US eastern seaboard last night are now dealing with a round of arctic air and frigid temps
  • Same air bringing wind chill warnings to Winnipeg tonight for -40 values, and -25 wind chills for the rest of eastern Canada tonight
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Cold Weather Could Help you Loose Weight
  • Making the rounds today with the connection to the arctic air across eastern Canada
  • New research published today suggests that exposure to cold weather might in fact make it easier to lose weight.
  • Researchers found that regular exposure to mild cold may spur weight loss by triggering one of the body's heat-generating methods. As humans shiver in response to cold, the researchers explain, the body ramps up heat production, which in turn increases the amount of energy it uses. However, exposure to mild cold, it appears, can trigger "nonshivering thermogenesis," or heat production that is stimulated not by shivering, but by brown fat cells.
  • http://download.cell.com/images/edimages/Trends/EndoMetabolism/tem_932.pdf

Sea anemones found living beneath Antarctic ice shelf
  • Beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, off the Antarctic coast, unsuspecting geologists discovered a trove of life in a place that was thought to be completely inhospitable.
  • Scientists and engineers with the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program discovered that the underside of the ice shelf was covered with thousands of small sea anemones -- a new species that have somehow burrowed into the dense ice.  
  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/sea-anemones-found-living-beneath-antarctic-ice-shelf-1.2504092
A field of sea anemones are shown glowing in the camera's light as they protrude from the underside of the Ross Ice Shelf. The anemones in this photo are roughly 7 centimetres long. (Frank Rack)

Rodents of Unusual Size? Giant rats put noses to work on Mozambique's landmines

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