Break From the Fog Today, Showers Tonight, Fog Back Tomorrow...Jan 21th

  • A break today from our inversion, means a break from the fog and warm mountain temps. The change-up is thanks to an approaching Pacific system that has already spread mid and high clouds across the south coast
  • As the system moves through tonight, it will bring a risk for drizzle right through to tomorrow morning
  • By tomorrow afternoon the high pressure re-establishes. bringing back the dry weather, possible stratus and fog developing each night and lingering through the day, and continues very warm temperatures aloft
  • This pattern will stick around right through to Sunday - wow
  • While temps will struggle to get out of 5-7 degree range with 0-1 degrees overnight, temps in the mountains will be into the double digits after today
  • At this point, it looks like the ridge starts to break down on Monday, dropping the freezing levels finally, but looks like any rain/snow holds off until mid week next week
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Earthquakes amplified in silty Vancouver basin: study
  • A couple of new studies published Monday show that seismic waves are amplified as they pass through the Georgia Basin, the deposit of softer sedimentary rock that lies partly beneath Metro Vancouver, filled with layers of silt, sand and glacial deposits.
  • While this is not a new idea that basins can amplify ground shaking, this is the first time a study has been conducted in Canada
  • One study examined the potential impact of deep earthquakes, with a magnitude of 6.8, that occur 40-50 km beneath the surface, as well as shallow earthquakes of the same magnitude, using 3D computer simulations to look at the impact on tall buildings or long structures in the different scenarios
  • The team found that both deep and shallow earthquakes led to greater shaking if the seismic energy moved through the Georgia Basin.
  • The best defense against earthquakes is through good, modern building codes and this study shows that our buildings and bridges might shake longer than previously built thought..

Nor-Easter Hitting Atlantic Canada Tonight
  • An intensifying storm system will pass near the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia tonight and tomorrow bringing significant snowfall amounts, strong winds and blowing snow to Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and eventually NFLD. 
  • Snowfall amounts ranging from 20-30 cm with winds gusting to 70 km/hour for some areas.
  • Blizzard warnings are in place for much of the Maritimes with St John's NFLD under rainfall warnings 
  • As for timing, looks like the storm will start to ramp up for Halifax around midnight local time
  • Also, the major US eastern seaboard is also getting hit today with the same storm - lots of flight delays
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Arctic Air's  Back Baby 
  • Cold air still in place from the eastern prairies through to parts of the Maritimes
  • -32 wind chill this morning in Toronto, will be closer to -28 wind chill tomorrow morning. Real recover from the extreme cold will start  this weekend for Ontario
  • Yes technically this is part of the polar vortex dropping down thanks to a dipping jetstream - something that does happen on occasion during our winters. #ArcticTourbillon #NorthernGyre

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