Unsettled But Mild Week Ahead... Dec 30th

  • Southern BC remains under the influence of a moist airmass, with westerly winds bringing in rounds of drizzle today. Some sunny breaks too though.
  • Steadier light rain will move in this evening with a weakening system that will linger through tomorrow morning..tapering to drizzle by the afternoon
  • Risk of some drizzle again Wed but look for another weak system on Thursday to bring more light rain
  • By Friday and Saturday Vancouver could get some good sunny breaks but will have to keep the risk of showers in as well
  • Temps all week will stick around 7/8 degrees in the afternoon with 5/6s overnight
dec 30b.jpg

Atlantic Canada Storm: Ending for Maritimes..Few More Hours for NFLD
  • After blasting the Maritimes with a fresh 10-30 cm of snow last night and this morning, the latest storm system is now south of Newfoundland
  • St John's has already picked up ~15 cm snow and is now seeing freezing rain - bad roads tonight on the Avalon with gusty winds. Storm Surge warnings also in place for the north coast

Cold Air Now in Place Across the East..
  • Behind the storms a cold front is dropping temps from ON to the coast. Toronto down to -20 wind chills after a day of melting
  • Those extreme wind chills now in place for those digging out of Prairies
toronto wind chill.png
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..And Even Colder for the Prairies
  • An Arctic ridge of high pressure from Northwestern Alberta into Southern Manitoba will keep folks in a cold airmass right through to next year (!)
  • Northwesterly winds combined with the frigid temps will generate extreme wind chill values of minus 40 to minus 45 today and tonight
  • At these extreme wind chill values frostbite on exposed skin may occur in less than 10 minutes. 

Environment Canada overhauls cold warning system

Rescue of Russian Ship halted by Antarctic blizzard
  • An Antarctic blizzard has halted an Australian icebreaker's bid to reach a Russian ship trapped for a week with 74 people on-board
  • A nearby Chinese icebreaker however, is carrying a helicopter and plans to start airlifting passengers and crew to safety, weather permitting.
  • It's been stuck in Antarctic sea ice since Christmas Day, the expedition is exploring the impact of climate change on the region.
  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/rescue-of-akademik-shokalskiy-halted-by-antarctic-blizzard-1.2478739

Malfunctioning Canadian space cameras removed from ISS
  • Two Canadian space cameras installed at the International Space Station last week have been removed for safety reasons- the cameras are now being stored inside the ISS until it can be determined why they weren't receiving any power.
  • Russian cosmonauts installed the two high-resolution cameras without any incident on Dec. 27. But shortly after they were put in place, the Mission Control Centre reported that it could not receive any data from either camera.
  • UrtheCast, the Vancouver based company, said that it will announce a new date to reinstall the cameras in mid-January or earlier.
  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/malfunctioning-canadian-space-cameras-removed-from-iss-1.2479327

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