Warm-up this Weekend...Sunshine Continues...Nov 22st

  • Our high pressure system continues to bring cold but clear air for Vancouver. 
  • Temperatures got down to -3 last night at YVR, feeling like a -6 wind chill
  • Some fog spotted this morning in Surrey but generally a dry airmass means clear skies for the next 5 days
  • Temperatures will slowly be warming up though as the ridge shifts over us. 7 or 8 degree afternoon highs for Sat & Sun with overnight lows at least a degree or two above freezing
  • The dry weather pattern will continue through to next Wednesday when it looks like a low pressure system may sneak in for some showers.

Roughrider Weather
  • Still in the deep freeze this morning across parts of the eastern Prairies, including a few overnight low records being broken
  • With the wind chill it feels like the -30s again today but tomorrow, just in time for the game, the arctic airmass moves east!
  • That means -2 highs for Sunday with lows down to -12 in clear skies. Ok still cold but better than -30 and not as dangerous
  • The cold air by the way, is tracking into southern Ontario for tomorrow. Afternoon highs for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal will likely stay below zero and some may see their first snow fall this weekend with strong lake-effect flurries in the forecast off the lakes
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Heart-Wrenching Tornado video 

Satellite Swarm launched today to map Earth's magnetism
  • The trio of European Space Agency satellites (including some Canadian research) left Russia today to help scientists understand better how the field is generated, and why it appears to be weakening.
  • The strength has fallen by some 15% in the past two centuries. The movement of the north geomagnetic pole has also accelerated.
  • Researchers have speculated that Earth may be on the cusp of a polarity reversal, which would see the direction of the field flip end to end. North would become south, and vice versa. 
  • This has not happened for 780,000 years, but the phenomenon has nonetheless been a regular occurrence through geological time. 
  • We still don't really understand what consequences a 'reversal' will have on Earth. Besides navigation concerns, our protective shield may weaken to let more solar radiation in
  • But it should be noted that this is not happening on a time scale of tomorrow. This will likely take a few thousand years so Aaron Eckhart can relax for the moment. Still, the European Space Agency is taking this seriously, as they should, with this new launch. Interesting stuff
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25028502
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