Showers to Continue..Heavier Rain Starts Tomorrow Afternoon...Nov 5th

  • Light drizzle and low cloud continue this afternoon after moving in overnight.. not much more than 1-3 mm across Metro Vancouver with this event
  • A few more showers to move through the south coast this afternoon and again early evening but there will be some clearing later tonight and early tomorrow morning
  • The break won't last long, however, as a stronger system moves in for Wednesday night bringing accumulated rains and gusty winds through Thursday
  • At this point it looks like totals will be close to 30 mm for Vancouver with locally higher amounts
  • Just a few showers behind the storm for Friday but looks like more light rain over the weekend
  • Temperatures meanwhile, will remain a touch below seasonal all week long - afternoon highs around 7/8 degrees and overnights around 4/5
  • By the way, as we head into a soggy stretch, and into our climatologically wettest month with 178 mm on average - know that we have had a good run -  Oct 2013 came in with only 37 mm of rain, the 3rd driest Oct on Record and well below the average of 113 mm

The annual polar bear migration in real time
  • Around 1000 polar bears gather on the banks of the Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba every year from late October until late November for their annual migration across the sea ice, which is often unpredictable terrain to traverse.
  • The migration can now be seen around the world thanks to technology installed by and Live video of the event is now accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
  • Really want to put life on hold today? Split screen polar bear cam with puppy cam. Boom. 

How Common Are Habitable Planets? 1 in 5 Stars May Have Earth-Size, Potentially Habitable Planets
  • A new study finds the Milky Way is teeming with billions of planets that are about the size of Earth, orbit stars just like our sun, and exist in the Goldilocks zone -- not too hot and not too cold for life.
  • Astronomers using NASA data have calculated for the first time that in our galaxy alone, there are at least 8.8 billion stars with Earth-size planets in the habitable temperature zone.

Philippines Watching Typhoon Haiyan Closely
  • While the Atlantic hurricane season is winding down, the  western Pacific Ocean continues to feed typhoons in what has been a very active season
  • Typhoon Haiyan, roughly 700 km south of Guam, is gathering strength and is looking to make landfall in the Philippines later this week, 
  • According to the latest forecasts, the capital of Manila, home to roughly 12 million people in the metro area, is in danger of a direct strike by Haiyan Friday night or early Saturday local time, possibly with winds equivalent to a cat 4 storm (230 km/h sustained).

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