Crisp, Clear Weather Continues..Big Snow for N BC...Nov 21st

  • Our strong ridge of high pressure continues to dominate the weather across southern BC right through to early next week
  • This morning, temps at YVR got down to -4 degrees and with 10 km/h winds, it felt like -8 with the wind chill!
  • A few high clouds are painting the sky today but for the most part, blue skies continue for the next week
  • There is a slight recovery in temperatures over the next few days - going from afternoon highs of 4 today, to 7 by Sunday. But overnight lows will still be subzero for the most part. Last night was likely the coldest night this week
  • As the air in the upper atmosphere warms, temperatures in the mountains will be slightly warmer than sea level...a great weekend for skiers, even though no precip is expected on the south coast
  • Meanwhile, Pacific moisture continues to stream over east-Central British Columbia where 40 cm has already fallen in Stewart! Snowfall warnings remain in place for 10-20 cm more over the next 24 hours.
  • The arctic airmass that was in place across northern & central BC is retreating, so the -20 wind chills in Prince George are over for the time being 

Still Snowing for Some in NFLD - State of Emergency in Badger
  • A state of emergency was called in the central Newfoundland town of Badger as a fierce storm with high winds tore down power lines. 
  • Winds hit 136 km/h in Twillingate, on Newfoundland's northeast coast, and more than 100 km/h in many places
  • The heaviest snow will continue for areas of Central Newfoundland overnight tonight for another 15 cm. For the northern and western regions the snow will taper off this evening along with the high winds.
  • For the northeastern regions of the island heavy rain will return this evening until later Friday bringing total rainfall amounts of 40 to 60 mm. 

Some Temperature Recovery Today in BC, AB as Arctic Air Tracks East
  • Wind chills for southern AB are up to a 'balmy' -9 right now in Calgary as the arctic airmass moves east. 
  • SK is still in the deep freeze today with -20 wind chills but Regina should see the 15 degree warm-up just in time for the Grey Cup
  • Meanwhile the front end of the Arctic air is moving into Northern Ontario, dropping temps. It will get down to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal for the weekend bringing afternoon highs as low as -4 and the first snowfall for many in lake-effect conditions. Toronto could see it's first accumulation this Sat/Sun!
  • Even Atlantic Canada will get in on the cold action - arctic air gets to the east coast for early next week 

Eruption at Nishino-shima, Japan in the Pacific Produces a New Island

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