Cold but Clear For the Long Haul!...Nov 19th

  • Yesterday's rain is history today now that the system has moved inland, being replaced by a cold high pressure system. 
  • Metro Vancouver saw between 10-15 mm yesterday, with most of it falling through the evening hours. It also brought a light dusting to the local mountains and heavy snow to the mountain passes and Rockies. First major snow of the season for the interior! More snow today for northern coastal sections under a snowfall warning but generally snow is easing for the passes today
  • For the south coast, skies have cleared nicely today with blue skies in the forecast under the high pressure system right through to early next week
  • NW winds have been strong today though, gusting over 60 km/h in Vancouver, helping to make our high of 6 feel even colder today
  • Winds will finally die down this evening but clear skies will drop overnight lows below zero
  • By Wednesday & Thursday an inversion will develop..meaning warmer temperatures up on the mountains, and dropping temps for us on the ground. Afternoon of just 3 for Thursday before a slow recovery into the weekend.
  • The temperatures inversion may mean some morning fog will develop over the next couple of days as well
allison pass.jpg
Allison Pass- few more flurries today but all that snow sticking this week!

Cross-Country Cool-Down
  • Some of the coldest air of the season now has filtered down across BC and parts of the Prairies - wind chill values close to minus 30 right now in Alberta
  • BC & Alberta's exiting low pressure system will bring 5-15 cm of snow to southern SK today followed by the cold air Alberta is feeling right now
  • The cold air will continue to march south and east this week bringing sub-zero temps to MB for tomorrow (afternoon HIGHS of only -12 to Winnipeg) and eventually southern ON/Quebec for the weekend (Toronto just -3 ish for Sunday)
  • Eventually the cold air will reach Atlantic Canada early next week for minus afternoon highs
  • This will also likely mean lake-effect snow for the Great Lakes this weekend..perhaps Toronto's first snowfall 
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Extreme flooding kills 18 in Sardinia, Italy
  • A Slow-moving and powerful storm system 'Cleopatra' dumped massive rains over the Mediterranean island of Sardinia yesterday, triggering deadly floods 
  • According to media reports, the storm dumped as much as 450 mm of rain in just two hours on the Italian island.
  • Italy has declared a state of emergency in Sardinia

Amber Provides New Insights Into the Evolution of Earth: Low Oxygen Levels for Dinosaurs
  • An international team of researchers reconstructed the composition of Earth's atmosphere of the last 220 million years by analyzing modern and fossil plant resins. 
  • The results suggest that atmospheric oxygen was considerably lower in Earth's geological past than previously assumed. This new study questions some of the current theories about the evolution of climate and life, including the causes for the gigantism of dinosaurs.

Damage Survey's Continue After Sunday's Midwest Tornado Outbreak. And How Rare was it?
  • Damage surveys continue in the Midwest U.S. but two violent EF-4 tornadoes and one strong EF-3 tornado hit Illinois, killing six, making Sunday Illinois' deadliest November day for tornadoes in its history. 
  • The most widespread damage from Sunday's outbreak occurred in the town of Washington about 200 km southwest of Chicago, where a violent EF-4 tornado destroyed or heavily damaged 250 - 500 homes and an apartment complex. 
  • NOAA's Storm Prediction Center logged 85 preliminary tornado reports from Sunday, along with 455 reports of high wind gusts and 32 reports of hail. 
  • The grand total of 572 severe weather reports for the day were the most of any day of 2013 and the 85 preliminary tornado reports is also the highest for any day of 2013, surpassing the 62 reports from January 29.
  • While tornadoes can occur in the US any month of the year, Sunday's outbreak will probably rank as the second to fourth most prolific November tornado outbreak since 1950. But what was really remarkable about the outbreak was how far north it extended.

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