Break From the Rain Today...Showers Back Overnight For Some...Nov 8th

  • A nice mix of sun and cloud is in place today across most of the south coast as we sit between two systems
  • The next weather-maker will approach from the west this evening... but it may just be scattered showers in eastern Vancouver and on the island for the most part tonight. 
  • The system stalls out just before it gets to Vancouver so there is a chance that we may just get cloud cover and not showers for most tonight into tomorrow
  • Another change of showers Sunday with a generally moist atmosphere and westerly flow. But no major accumulations expected so outdoor activities should continue as planned

Super Typhoon Haiyan Exiting the Philippines..Still a Cat 4 Storm
  • Haiyan has spent the last 48 hours as a cat 5 typhoon, with sustained winds estimated between 295-315 km/h. Wind gusts would have been higher still. The storm has finally weakened slightly as it enters the slightly cooler waters of the South China Sea but is still a Cat 4 storm with 250 km/h winds. 
  • While there have been possible 3 stronger cyclones in recorded history (based on wind speeds), Haiyan -may- be the strongest to ever make landfall. Official numbers to come in
  • Massive damage was likely across much of the central Philippines with some of the strongest winds and storm surge - some estimates put storm surge near landfall at 4-5 m that would have had the effects of a large tsunami, pushing a wall of water inland
  • We do not yet have reports from the worst-hit will likely take a few days before the storm's full toll on life and property is known.
  • But conditions will general improve behind the storm. Luckily it is moving so fast (40 km/h westward) that flash flooding may not have been as bad as previous, slower storm that dump more rainfall
  • As Haiyan continues to track westward, it is still an extremely dangerous storm for Vietnam and Laos, loosing some energy over the next 36 hours, but still likely remaining a cat 1 or cat 2 storm when it makes possible landfall in Vietnam for Saturday night local time. H
  • Great meteorology/numbers info:

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