Stormy Wednesday Before a Couple of Nice Days...Oct 2nd

  • Our cold, low pressure system sitting off shore that has been responsible for the unsettled weather as of late has once more good fight left in it today
  • Showers, gusty winds and cold temperatures will continue through the day with the chance of a thunderstorm. Like yesterday, the cold, unstable air has set the stage for potential funnel clouds over the water. Not likely to touch down but one to keep an eye on again today!
  • Showers will taper off by this evening as a high pressure ridge moves in to replace the unsettled air mass. Sunnier skies and temperatures a couple of degrees warmer are on tap for Thursday and Friday
  • At this point it looks the next Pacific frontal system will move in Saturday night for showers and breezy winds right through Monday
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2013 Hurricane Season Ranks as One of the Least Intense
  • With only two hurricanes so far, the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is well behind the curve to reach the average number of hurricanes and is one of the least intense since 1950.
  • While the season does not end until late November, time is running out for the season, much to the relief of those living in coastal areas.
  • Currently TS Jerry is not affecting land but there is the potential for Tropical Storm Karen to form in the Gulf of Mexico

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