Less Fog & More Sun Ahead. Tough Forecast...Oct 23rd

  • Today is Day 7 of the prolonged fog event affecting the south coast. YVR reported zero visibility for about 8 hours last night and visibilities were low right across Vancouver this morning
  • However the sun has helped with burn-off for many parts of the south coast, bringing the warm sunshine to many, while the cool air and fog remains socked in for others. Meanwhile, if you can get above the fog again today, an inversion continues to bring 20 degrees temps along with the sunshine above about 400 m
  • Fog will redevelop again tonight..
  • The reason why the fog has been so persistent is the ridge of high pressure in place for a week now, helping to lock in moisture and cooler temps at lower levels with a stagnant airmass. Tomorrow we finally begin to see a change in the pattern
  • An upper level, but weak, low pressure system will slide in and help to collapse the ridge. It just -may- be enough to mix out the morning and evening fog as we head into the weekend, but it will likely just switch the general wind direction, moving from east to west over the weekend. This will lead to some questionable results: it may help to improve visibility but it may also lock in fog longer...
  • Either way high pressure still sticks around through the weekend and into early next week meaning dry conditions and lots of sun..if we can get out of the fog for the afternoons. Keep your cameras ready!

Still Feeling Like Winter for Parts of Canada
  • Crisp air remains in place across much of SK, MB, ON & QC. 
  • A cold northwest flow over the open waters of Lake Winnipeg is producing narrow bands of lake-effect snow where 15 to 25 cm of snow is possible today. Snowsquall warnings are in place
  • Temps for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal are in the single digits today

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