Couple More Days of Sunshine..Risk of Frost Tonight...Oct 28th

  • A ridge of high pressure has built back in for the south coast bringing continued blue skies today and tomorrow
  • Winds at low-levels are mixing the air nicely so no fog! Gusty winds though were reported last night though: between 50-80 km/h across coastal sections
  • But clear skies and still air through the overnight means temps are dropping after warm afternoon in the sun - down to the low single digits tonight for Vancouver with a risk of our first frost for lower lying areas!
  • A weak cold front will slide through for Wednesday bringing a few showers, with a stronger system looking to bring rain for Friday and Saturday
  • So far, this has been one of the driest Octobers on record but it will really depend on how much rain we get the last two days of the month as to whether or not we break any good records
  • Either way, e are going on 21 days of consecutive dry days which is already tied for second longest dry stretch in October. 24 days is the number to beat for longest Oct dry stretch in 1986.
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scienceworldca lit up last night. Cold but clear nights ahead

Fresh Snow Moves Through Alberta, Cold Air Sticks Around Today
  • In classic Alberta fashion - southern parts of the province went from 18+ degrees on Saturday to 10-20 cm of snow on Sunday
  • Snowfall warnings have ended as the snow winds down, but frigid temperatures have been left in place
  • Afternoon highs today on Calgary will likely not get above -7 degrees
  • Crews worked overnight to get all major roads ready for the morning commute but dipping temps again tonight may mean icy roads
  • Wind chills tonight for southern Alberta may be close to -20! Some recovery  starting tomorrow but the arctic high pressure system responsible is bringing cool temps almost from coast to coast
Red Deer on Sunday morning

Hurricane-force winds batter northern Europe
  • Four people have died after a storm battered southern Britain, leading to 625,000 homes losing power, rush-hour disruption on trains and flight cancellations over the past 24 hours
  • The storm also affected France, Belgium and the Netherlands with winds as high as 160 km/h. Although winds were as strong as a cat 2 hurricane, it cannot be called a hurricane because the mechanics are not the same - but the UK Met Office has dubbed it the St. Jude's Day storm
  • Wind warnings are still in place today for a large part of western Europe
Waves crash against a lighthouse at Newhaven in southeast England where a 14-year-old boy was reported drowned after being swept out to sea. (Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

Canadian researchers use bees to drop pesticides on crops

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A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud









A mix of sun and cloud