Cool & Showery Next Few Days..Nice Break Thu...Oct 1st

  • The jetstream is digging down low across BC, keeping cool and unsettled air locked in place for the next few days
  • Rounds of showers and large cumulus clouds will remain in the forecast today...but we are seeing a few sunny holes in the sky today. A stray thunderstorm is not out of the question for the south coast this afternoon, esp towards the north shore and the Fraser Valley mountains
  • Another wave of moisture moves inland tomorrow morning for a wet start to Wednesday
  • Temperatures remain at least 3-4 degrees below our seasonal of around 16 for this time of the year
  • After Wednesday though, a nice ridge of high pressure pushes into our area bringing sunshine and slightly warmer temps for Thursday and the first half of Friday
  • Unfortunately looks like we are back to the rain for Saturday with another Pacific low..nothing lie last weekend though and we may get back into a dry pattern Sun pm into early next week
  • I will be adding up the monthly rainfall totals for Vancouver but an early look, pretty much all of the south coast saw about double their average September rainfall averages this month. ie Vancouver normally sees around 50 mm and we came in over 100 mm
  • More serious flooding following the big storm continues for the Pacific Northwest who's rainfall records were shattered over the past few days:

Federal government shutdown Affects Weather & Science
  • People looking for news and information on weather, science and the outdoors this morning were greeted with an 'unavailable' message on various websites. This is a place where I go for forecast/modelling information and rely heavily on for my forecasts. So no slushy throwing today because I don't have all my tools
  • However, The National Weather Service will continue forecasting weather and distributing severe weather watches and warnings, and the same is true for the National Hurricane Center and approximately 6,600 NOAA employees will remain on the job.
  • As for NASA, which currently has six astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the plan is to continue to support the mission, but its workforce will see cuts from 18,000 to less than 600 personal

Space Plastic! NASA's Cassini Probe Fnds Propylene on Saturn Moon Titan

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