Still Hot & Sunny..More Records to Break...Sept 12th

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  • Today, high pressure is still in place and we will likely see more records fall - although temperatures may be a degree cooler than yesterday
  • Late night and morning fog is back with a return of onshore flow - and a good surge of stratus is creeping in the Juan de Fuca strait - may be a lingering problem tomorrow and into Saturday
  • But besides the fog, sunny and warm right through to Saturday
  • Our Summer ridge finally gets pushed out Saturday night with the approach of a couple Pacific low pressure systems. Sunday may see a mix of sun and cloud before the real wet & cool weather gets going Monday and through much of next week

Record Heat Before Tropical Storm for the Maritimes
  • The record in that Toronto experienced that past few days is now in place across Atlantic Canada - feeling like 33 right now in Halifax! But rain from a tropical storm will begin tonight
  • As tropical storm Gabrielle begins to track northward, its tropical moisture will be drawn toward a frontal system which is sweeping across Nova Scotia tomorrow
  • The rain is expected to begin over Western Nova Scotia overnight and spread eastward through the day Friday. The heaviest rainfall amounts are expected for Central Nova Scotia for up to 70 mm - rainfall warnings are in place for much of the Maritimes
  • Also, yesterday storms in ON & QC that prompted the tornado warnings (no reports of touchdowns so far), tracked through NB yesterday evening. An amazing (and legit) picture of a rare, super cell storm making the rounds online - not something you see every day in Fredericton!

Voyager 1 has left solar system, NASA agrees
  • Voyager 1 has crossed a new frontier, becoming the first spacecraft ever to leave the solar system, NASA said Thursday.
  • Thirty-six years after it was launched from Earth on a tour of the outer planets, the plutonium-powered probe is more than 11 ½ billion miles from the sun, cruising through what scientists call interstellar space -- the vast, cold emptiness between the stars
  • Voyager 1 actually made its exit more than a year ago (and I remember covering the potential exit), but it's not as if there's a dotted boundary line out there or a signpost, and it was not until recently that the space agency had the evidence to convince it that the spacecraft had finally plowed through the hot plasma bubble surrounding the planets and escaped the sun's influence.

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