Showery Back to School..Some Sun Ahead Too Though...Sep 2nd

  • A few morning showers (as well as a clap of thunder!) rolled through Vancouver thanks to a low pressure system that has moved in off our coast
  • Bands of clouds and the odd showers will continue through the rest of the holiday Monday but generally it's a nice afternoon
  • A few isolated t-storms may develop again to the north and east in the mountains this afternoon/evening
  • The low pressure system will remain in place through Wednesday, so back to school for many means back to the showers tomorrow. Once again thunderstorms in the mountains are not out of the question in the unstable air
  • At this point high pressure builds for Wednesday afternoon bringing the sun back.. but showers and rain will likely return for Thu, Fri. Hopefully clearing out for next weekend 

Tornado Ploughs through Tokyo suburb
  • At least 27 people have been hospitalized after a rare tornado ripped through a suburb of Tokyo.
  • Footage shot by NHK shows a number of homes destroyed, upturned cars, schools with shattered windows and a warehouse that had been lifted from its foundations and hurled into other buildings in Koshigaya, north of Tokyo.
  • Tornadoes are rare in Japan, due to the fact the nation is surrounded by ocean, which tends to stabilize the air. But they do happen - 15 tornadoes per year hit Japan

Eastern Ontario T-Storms
  • Severe thunderstorms have already rolled though southern Ontario today along a cold front
  • Tornado warnings were issued earlier today for parts of cottage country, and waterspouts were reported
  • The cold front will move through eastern Ontario/southern Quebec in the next few hours and there is a risk for tornadoes

Climate Cange Makes Pests Move North from the Tropics - Study

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Chance of showers



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