Dry But Cool Before Friday Rain Returns...Sept 17th

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  • Our general southwesterly flow will continue to keep clouds in for Vancouver through the afternoon but we should get some good sunny breaks as well
  • Temperatures will struggle though to get much above 17 degrees across the south coast
  • Same story tomorrow with a cloudy (low clouds too) start before afternoon clearing and cool temps again
  • Mix of sun and cloud for Thursday as well but temperatures will be on the rise with the approach of the next Pacific low so afternoon highs back in the low 20s...before the evening rain begins
  • Friday looking like a stormy one, with showers and dropping temperatures to continue right through the weekend
  • Looking at the long range forecast - another Pacific low looks to move in Sunday night. Just in time for the official start to Fall on Sep 22nd.
  • Also, this morning there has been a report of a waterspout near Cape Scott on Vancouver Island - let me know if you snapped a picture!
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Colorado: Forecast & Situation
  • After nine consecutive days with rain, skies have finally cleared over flood-ravaged Boulder, Colorado. Flooding from the past week's rains have killed at least 7, destroyed over 1,500 homes, damaged 18,000 homes, and caused close to $1 billion in damage, over 70 bridges have been damaged or destroyed, 100s of roads damaged.
  • Clear skies are forecast for the remainder of the week, which will allow rescue helicopters to safely operate to evacuate the hundreds of people still trapped in mountain towns in the biggest civilian airlift operation since Hurricane Katrina 
  • The rains that fell early Monday morning in Boulder officially put the city over its all-time annual precipitation record with 3 1/2 months left in the year. Boulder has been deluged with 765 mm so far this year
  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2013/09/16/colorados-biblical-flood-by-the-numbers/
AP Photo/Chris Schneider

Colorado: Why So Bad?
  • Flash floods in Colorado are uncommon, but not rare. However the Flood of 2013 occurred over a much larger area and was significantly longer lasting than most.
  • The rugged terrain combined with access to moisture from the Gulf of Mexico were the initial ingredients 
  • Then, moisture over the Rockies was literally squeezed from both sides by a high to the east and the dry air rotating in from the Great Basin around the upper-level storm, to the west
  • Meanwhile a high over the Midwest acted like a giant roadblock and turned what would have been a several-hour event into a week-long ordeal. Not unlike the June Calgary flood situation, just longer.
  • The Colorado Emergency Management Agency reported that "Some areas experienced a 100-year flood and other areas experienced a 1,000-year flood. 
  • As extreme as the 2013 Colorado flood was, there are two flood events in Colorado history that compare. One was the June 1965 flood causing $4 billion in damage and Colorado's deadliest flood on record was in 1976, which killed 145 people
  • http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/show.html

How the Costa Concordia Will Be Raised
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A mix of sun and cloud



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Chance of showers



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