Change is Upon Us...But At Least it's Pirate Pak Day...Aug 14th

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  • First of all, Happy Pirate Pak day!!! I've waited a lot time for this day and it was well worth having a huge burger at 11:30 in the morning for. White Spot is not only a B.C. family institution, but also a Wagstaffe tradition. After growing up with the glorious gold coin, once we moved out to Ontario it became a 'must' than anyone visiting the west coast (which usually happened on an annual basis) would bring back enough of the legendary triple O burger on the 5 hour flight to satisfy the Wagstaffe's eagerly waiting at the airport. A nice tradition to return to today, now that B.C. is my home again - my dad is visiting from The Shwa, and my sister came over from the North Shore after 4 hours of sleep. Long live the Pirate King. Oh and it was for a good cause too:
pirate pak1.jpg-jpg

  • After waking up to sunny skies (for the early risers & Pirate Pak lines), the clouds have moved in ahead of a Pacific frontal system that is pushing inlandMost of the showers are drying up before they hit the ground right now but behind the front this evening the atmosphere will be saturated enough that light rain will be the story for most of the south coast
  • Winds will also come in from the SW behind the front for the next few days, bringing continued cloud cover and showers.. YVR may see a break in the clouds tomorrow evening into Friday morning
  • Showers will return for Saturday but we may see things clear up late Sunday for a return to summer outlook into early next week
  • By Friday the south coast could get as much as 15-20 mm of much-needed risk is dropping but there will be a risk for afternoon t-storms once again in the interior before the rain moves east tomorrow

Canadian Temperature Extremes
  • Temperatures once again got into the high 20s, low 30s across the Yukon and the NWT breaking daily temp records.
  • Parts of the north though are in 'extreme' fire risk
  • As the jet stream rides high through the north in a 'blocking' pattern, it dives down low across Ontario/Quebec bringing Fall-like temperatures for another day. So far this August it has been warmer north of the Arctic circle in the Yukon than in Toronto! Overnight low temp records were broken across ON this morning down to the single digits
  • Another cool day today for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal with temps struggling to get into the 20s.. 
  • The 'blocking' pattern will begin to break-down starting tomorrow for a slow return to seasonal for everyone by the weekend

Crowdsourcing Weather Using Smartphone Batteries
  • A group of smartphone app developers and weather experts created a way to use the temp sensors built into smartphone batteries to crowdsource weather information. 
  • These tiny thermometers usually prevent smartphones from dangerously overheating, but the researchers discovered the battery temperatures tell a story about the environment around them.
  • Yes, I have been replaced by a battery

Deadly Typhoon Utor Slams into Southeast China
  • Deadly Typhoon Utor has made its final landfall in Southeast China and will continue to weaken through Friday, but still poses major danger to lives and property.
  • Utor moved onshore on Wednesday afternoon local time (early Wednesday morning EDT) near Yangjiang in Southeast China, just sw of Hong Kong

Near-death experiences exposed: Surge of brain activity after the heart stops may trigger paranormal visions
  • Still think this is a cool story.. more buzz today

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