Sunniest Month on Record Broken Today! All-time Driest July Record Tomorrow..Along with Evening Shower Risk!...July 30th

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  • As of mid-morning today, both YVR and YYJ have broken the all-time sunniest month on record, beating the old 1985 record of 388.1 hours of bright sunshine (ie not counting the very early and very late hours of the day)
  • The average for July sunshine is about 290 hours..we may get close to 400 by the time the month is done
  • Of course the other big record we are watching is the all-time driest July record (trace back in 1985). There is a good chance we will get there by tomorrow evening but we are not home free yet
  • Tomorrow (if we make it) will also be the first calender month with no rain ever recorded
  • Today is day 33 of the dry weather.. some confusion about what happened back on June 28th because unfortunately it was right around then that the climate stations were switched over! Needless to say it has been a bit of a pain for all meteorologist in YVR! But 33 dry days means we have made it to the all-time top 10 longest dry spells. Long way away from # 1 though which is 58 days.
  • Ok now to the forecast: our ridge continues to sit offshore today bringing another sunny and warm afternoon. There is enough instability in the atmosphere once again for the chance of a rumble of thunder in the mountains on the north shore.
  • However, for tomorrow a low pressure system will begin to develop just offshore. This will mean some high clouds to the south coast for Wednesday and the risk of a thunderstorm for tomorrow evening. There is a slight chance we could see those t-storms at YVR which of course would be bad timing for our record. But it is a low chance
  • The chance of showers will increase Thursday and Friday before returning to the sunshine Saturday evening into Sunday
  • Fire danger of course, remains high to extreme across the south:
photo (29).JPG

Ottawa Possible Tornado Yesterday
  • EC checking into it today and will issue a storm summary if necessary but video shoes funnel touching down..same set-up that led to the waterspout watch yesterday ie cold core origin. So more of a landspout or non-supercell tornado. video¬®
  • Same upper level low will bring another cool, and showery day today to eastern Canada..risk of thunderstorms again this evening

Dorian Downpours, Potential Flooding in South Florida
  • While Dorian is likely to remain disorganized, disruptive downpours will continue to spread northwestward from the Bahamas to South Florida into the end of the week.
  • Dorian is no longer a tropical storm but may cause disruptions over the next few days
  • Meanwhile, though Flossie weakened yesterday night, it still packed a rare punch for Hawaii which has not taken a direct hit from a named storm since 1992

Putting a National Park on the Moon?
  • The Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives last week and would establish historic preservation sites where the Apollo 11 through 17 astronauts touched down and walked on the lunar surface. 
  • The parks would contain all artifacts and footprints left on the moon and, within a year, the sites would be submitted to UNESCO to become a World Heritage Site.
  • This is the first legislation ever proposed with the express aim of preserving and protecting something beyond the confines of Earth. And as such, it could be seen as an early step in the nascent field of space environmentalism.

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