Day 27... Good Chance Next 7 Days Remain Dry...July 24th

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  • 7 more days to go and we will have beat the old 1985 record for driest July on record. And the forecast looks good;
  • A high pressure ridge remains stationed to our south in the upper atmosphere and that is keeping the southern half of the province dry
  • Afternoon temps will get into the mid 20s for the lower mainland...mid 30s for the interior! Vancouver and the Fraser Valley will have a humidex this afternoon...feeling unusually sticky again
  • Meanwhile a spinning low pressure system off the NW coast will usher down slightly cooler temps and a break from the humidity for the weekend..but looks like it will just bring a few more clouds to the mix rather than showers at this point
  • Fire risk continues to escalate:

Tropical Storm Dorian Forms
  • The fourth tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic season formed today well South of the Cape Verde Islands at this point but moving westward
  • A lot of variables at this point as the storm tracks though first cooler waters & drier air as it heads towards to Caribbean.. but will be watching closely if it survives and gets back into favourable conditions for the weekend and for land impacts- could fizzle out or become full on hurricane
Satellite taken at 8 am EDT July 24, 2013 from NASA

NASA Drones Will Watch Hurricanes from Birth
  • Starting next month, NASA will remotely pilot two high-flying aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean's hurricane nursery to track tropical cyclones from birth.
  • The research mission, now in its second of five years, is part of an effort to reveal the environmental and internal factors that control storm growth, and thus improve hurricane prediction.

Potential Tornados this Afternoon Near Winnipeg

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