Another Great Weekend Ahead...July 5th

  • Best place to be across the country again this week is the BC coast! 
  • Few clouds this morning are lingering but in mainly sunny skies. 
  • High pressure dominates this weekend with temps building Sat and Sun into the mid 20s.. and getting even warmer into early next week as the dry and sunny forecast holds. What a stretch.. By next Thursday, if things stay on track, we will be wrapping up our second full week of sunshine
  • I am off for the next two weeks (yes, even meteorologists plan holidays in the middle of the best summer weather and kick themselves!) but looking forward to a Beijing/Hong Kong/Tokyo adventure and I will see you back here soon- have a great summer!

Stampede Forecast..Stormy tonight Across AB
  • Great weather this morning for opening day Parade but risk of scattered thunderstorms and showers tonight..tstorms should not be as organized and widespread as last night though
  • Parts of the northern province may see funnel clouds as well..there is already a tornado watch for Peace River to Slave Lake but it is different set-up than violent tornadoes..still, if a funnel cloud could touch down later today
  • Temps cool tomorrow in YYC at 15 degrees again w risk of storm...Dry and sunny stretch starts Sunday

Chance of Severe Storms Again for S SK Tonight
  • Eastern Prairies have another chance at severe weather this afternoon & evening
  • Thunderstorm watches already in place for western Prairies. Large hail and damaging winds will be the main threat and I'll have a better idea about tornado risk as we head into the afternoon
  • Regina is in the centre of the risk zone

Hit & Sticky Across Atlantic Canada & Smoggy in Newfoundland
  • Humidex readings into the mid 30s across the Maritimes today
  • A general westerly flow continues to direct smoke from forest fires in Quebec to be transported over Newfoundland.  A special weather statement is in place for reduced air quality and there are some pretty cool satellite shot where you can see the brown air over the Rock

Canadian quake refines Pacific tsunami risk
  • The October 2012 tremor shifted the sea floor in unexpected ways.
  • Many scientists had thought that this 'strike-slip' motion of the Cascadia fault would not yield big tsunamis, because the two sides of the sea floor move along the horizontal axis, displacing less water than shifts upwards or downwards
  • But the 7.7 quake suggests that even Pacific islands as far away as Hawaii might need to worry about tsunamis originating from this part of the Canadian coast, as large chunks of eater was actually displace vertically

Tropical Storm Erick Forms Near Mexico in Western Pacific
  • As Dalila continued to crawl away from land early Friday, Tropical Storm Erick formed south of Mexico.
  • Its outer rain bands may graze the southern Mexican coastline this weekend

Popocatepetl volcano causes Mexico flight chaos
  • US airlines have cancelled dozens of flights into Mexico City over fears that ash from a rumbling volcano would affect their planes.
  • Popocatepetl has been spewing ash and a fountain of hot rock since May, and the alert level is currently set one notch below evacuation level.The ash and steam became for active earlier this week
  • Airport authorities insisted there was no danger, and the US airlines said they had resumed flights on Friday.

Spider Webs More Effective at Ensnaring Charged Insects
  • Note to self: Don't flap wings, stay off carpets and I should be ok from spiders

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