Weather Getting Better & Better Towards the Weekend...June 13th

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  • Our low pressure system is finally packing up and moving out of the region...but the airmass is still unstable today meaning isolated tstorms still possible this afternoon..even with the generally clearing trend
  • Moisture will also linger in the atmosphere allowing clouds to thicken up tonight and tomorrow- a Friday morning shower not out of the question. Temps tomorrow afternoon will be a little on the cool side as well
  • But by Sat & Sun we are looking at a mainly sunny and mild weekend

How Did the U.S. Storms Play Out Last Night?
  • It was a wild weather night over much of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic with 18 tornado reports (no major damage) along with the derecho that eventually got itself organized (although not quite strong enough for official NWS definition) around 10 pm PT over Indiana
  • The line of winds brought damaging winds to a large swath of the country with 224 unique reports of high/damaging winds as it raced east-southeastwards overnight, spawning severe thunderstorm warnings along its entire track, and arrived in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland near 9 am local time this morning
  • Another round of severe weather is expected over the Mid-Atlantic states Thursday afternoon and evening with flooding being the main risk
  • The scariest part of the evening was when a tornado touched down just west of Chicago, heading right for one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Fortunately, the storm pulled its punch, and Chicago was spared a direct hit by the violent tornado.
Chicago June 12, 2013, Coy A. IbaƱez 

More Rain for Fort McMurray
  • Rainfall warnings are in place today for 50 mm by Friday morning.
  • Yet another new low pressure center moves into Saskatchewan on Friday but there is a lot of uncertainty in the exact track.. so totals by Saturday evening could actually get close to 100 mm of new rainfall for the city.
morning model.png-png
06Z GEM model run

B.C. due for mega-earthquake along coast
  • Not really new revelations just new evidence to support the case that the big one is coming..
  • In a study published yesterday, the last massive earthquake that shook the south coast of British Columbia took place on Jan. 26, 1700, say researchers who have been able to use sediment samples taken from the sea floor off the coast of Vancouver Island to reveal the Pacific coast's seismic history
  • The region that stretches from the northern tip of Vancouver Island down the coast to northern California has experienced 22 major earthquakes over the last 11,000 years, and is due for another "over the life of our communities and our infrastructures.

Colorado Fire Weather
  • Red Flag warnings remain in place for almost the whole state for continues gusty winds, low humidity and possible lightning  

U.S. Supreme Court rules human DNA cannot be patented

China's Space Ship Docks With Experimental Space Lab

Cheetah tracking study reveals incredible acceleration
  • A new study published today shows that the fastest animal on land rarely uses its top speed to capture prey and instead, the animal uses incredible acceleration and rapid changes in speed when hunting.
  • The animals get this acceleration by exerting nearly five times more power than that of famed sprinter Usain Bolt during his record-breaking 100m run.

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Chance of showers



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