Showers Tomorrow Morning But Afternoon Sun...June 17th

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A low pressure system has once again become stuck in our upper atmosphere and is spinning just off the coast
  • The system will bring the potential for afternoon/evening thunderstorms to the BC interior today and there are already thunderstorm watches in place
  • The south coast may also see a slight risk of thunderstorms this evening after a warm and sunny start to the work week
  • The real rain starts tomorrow morning though before clearing up by the afternoon
  • Pretty grey and soggy forecast though Wed-Fri


Campers rescued after bridge washes out north of Fort McMurray

Tropical Depression Forms in the Western Caribbean
  • Tropical downpours from northern Nicaragua and northern Honduras and Belize to southeastern Mexico will be the story today
  • The system is then forecast return to warm water Tuesday into Wednesday, as it drifts back into the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it may become the next names tropical storm Barry, prior to a second landfall over the Mexico mainland

Rethinking the universe: Groundbreaking theory proposed in 1997 suggests a 'multiverse'
  • Some top scientists are beginning to worry that a radical idea proposed in 1997 by three University of Delaware physicists may be right.
  • If it is, then it could debunk some of the discoveries physicists were hoping to make at the Large Hadron Collider, the huge, multi-billion-dollar particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland, at which researchers recently discovered the famous "Higgs boson."
  • It would also suggest that we might be living in a "multiverse"--a universe that is much bigger than was once thought and in which the laws of physics take different forms in different places.

Map of the Universe

Now, a TV that can be rolled up

Send messages to aliens in deep space

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