Mixed Bag Today...thunderstorm Risk Tomorrow...June 11th

  • Our upper level low continues to spin and sink southward towards the south coast today
  • Rounds of showers will continue through this afternoon and evening for Vancouver...but also getting a few sunny breaks in between, especially towards Richmond & White Rock
  • The heaviest of the rain will be transported over the central & southern interior tonight bringing upwards of 40 mm- rainfall warnings are in place for Chilcotin
  • As the centre of the low gets closer to the south coast tomorrow, the air will become even more unstable and there is a risk for thunderstorms right across the region towards the afternoon/evening hours. As well, temps will be the coolest this week (mid to high teens) and weather will be the soggiest (5-10 mm)
  • By Thursday the low will start to exit but we will have to get through a couple of days of lingering showers
  • At this point it still looks like weather clears out and warms up for the weekend

Chinese spacecraft blasts off from Gobi desert

High Severe Weather Risk for Southern ON Tonight-Tomorrow
  • There is a high likelihood of severe thunderstorms featuring damaging winds, hail, flash flooding and even tornadoes from South Dakota to Illinois Tonight.... and into southern Ontario tomorrow

Heavy East Coast Rain
  • A low pressure system will pass south of New Brunswick tomorrow. 
  • Rain associated with this system will become heavy at times tonight and into Wednesday morning across the Fundy region where rainfall warnings are in place for upwards of 50 mm
  • Localized flooding will be a concern especially since the ground is already quite saturated from post tropical storm Andrea and other recent rainfall events. 

NOAA Satellite Back Online After 'Micrometeoroid' Strike
  • All three of the U.S. weather satellites are back in service after a "micrometeoroid" caused one of the satellites to shut down on May 22. The micrometeoroid, possibly from debris left over from other space missions likely knocked the satellite off balance.
  • The shutdown forced NOAA to maneuver a backup satellite into place to ensure a nearly continuous supply of weather data and imagery over the eastern U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • http://www.climatecentral.org/news/after-micrometeoroid-strike-noaa-satellite-back-in-service-16103

Animal invisibility cloak makes cat and fish vanish
  • In video footage of the device in action, a goldfish suddenly appears as it swims out of a cloak submerged in its tank
  • Scientists in Singapore created the cloaks from thin panels of glass that make objects invisible by bending light around them using new light-bending technology that could have applications in telecommunications
  • Though rudimentary - the devices only hide objects from certain angles- they are better than earlier versions
  • http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2013/jun/10/insibility-cloak-animals

The World's First Bionic Eye Prototype was Unveiled

Nimbus Clouds Indoors- Cool Pics

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