Just Showers Now Through to Sat Morning..Warming Each Day...June 27th

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  • Our low pressure system off the coast is slowly retreating westward bringing less showers each day
  • The air mass though over the south coast remains moist & unstable though so risk of showers remains in the forecast today, tomorrow and early Saturday morning. Some breaks in the clouds though
  • Temps are also warming- getting into the low 20s tomorrow and then mid 20s by the weekend...into the high 20s Monday and beyond. That will certainly be the next big weather story for the south coast- record heat on the way
  • Lots of sunshine starting Sat afternoon through to next week

Another Wet & Stormy Day Across the West..Pushing into Ontario
  • But Southern Alberta still in the clear as the stationary rain/storm line sits just to the north
  • The bottom end of the line is pushing through northern Ontario this afternoon bringing serve thunderstorm warnings to the Upper Great lakes
  • This line will eventually push into southern Ontario for tonight & tomorrow for a soggy start to the long weekend
  • Southern Manitoba/central SK/northern AB will continue to see showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon & evening..but Reston, MB should be in the clear
  • Looks like this stagnant weather pattern thanks to a curved jet stream will finally straighten out for the weekend bringing much quieter weather to the west

Major West US Heat Wave in the Making..Canada on the Edge
  • Unthinkably high temperatures, even in one of the world's hottest zones - the desert Southwest, are forecast Friday into early next week.
  • Temperatures will be at full throttle later this week over the interior West, reaching dangerous levels, challenging records and elevating the wildfire threat.
  • Same heat will punch up into southern BC where we could be talking heat wave starting the end of this weekend for Vancouver
  • http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/heat-to-roil-more-fire-weather/14619950

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