Summer Weekend Starts Today...Melting Snow Though Brings Some Concerns...May 3rd

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  • Sunny skies and warming well above seasonal temperatures are now our story today through to at least mid next week
  • Our ridge of high pressure just off the coast is cutting off the cooler Pacific flow and bringing in temperatures from the south
  • The ridge will actually extend right through the southern half of BC and into Alberta by Sunday..with Sunday being the peak of the heat for the south coast
  • Today YVR should hit the high teens with 20s Saturday it's low to mid 20s and by Sunday mid to high 20s lasting through to Monday
  • Temperatures will start to moderate by Tuesday as the ridge starts to break down but then rebuilds again for the end of the week. Basically an extended periods of sunshine continues
  • Some records may fall today but it's tomorrow, Sunday & Monday that records will likely be set for the south coast
  • As mentioned, the interior will also get in on the action; the heat will peak for the southern interior and the Kootenays early next week when some areas will get into the low 30s..also looking to break records
  • With warmer temperatures in the forecast and rising snow levels, snow at the higher elevations will begin to melt this weekend resulting in faster flows and rising levels of Central Okanagan creeks and watches or advisories but Okanagan emergency op sent out a bulletin
  • As well, the special avalanche warning still in effect from Parks Canada for popular hiking trails in the Rockies

Whole Country Feeling like Spring/Summer this Weekend..Lots of Melting
  • It's not just BC feeling the heat... the Prairies started their second melt of the already very late season yesterday with temps to hit double digits today in southern SK & MB..and into the high teens for tomorrow
  • ON/QC continue to get into the 20s through the weekend and the Maritimes are into the mid teens for tomorrow. Even St John's will at least get into the high single digits and Yellowknife and Whitehorse hitting double digits tomorrow
  • As well...almost the whole country will get to share in the Sunshine for tomorrow
  • Both SK & MB.. as well as parts of Northern ON will continue to see melt, sun-off and rising water levels over the weekend

They're coming! First sighting of cidada on the East Coast as the buzzing insect invasion begins

Scientists Are Divided Over Threat to Pacific Northwest Salmon
  • Scientists have for years been on the lookout in the Pacific Northwest for signs that a dreaded salmon-killing disease, scourge to farmed salmon in other parts of the world, has arrived here, threatening some of the world's richest wild salmon habitats. Most say there is no evidence.
  • But some scientists are saying now that salmon are beginning to test positive for European strain of the virus that causes the disease, infectious salmon anemia

Esa's Vega rocket poised for second launch
  • Europe's new small satellite launcher, Vega, is about to make only its second outing from the Kourou spaceport.
  • Lift-off from French Guiana is scheduled for 23:06 local time on Friday (02:06 GMT, Saturday).
  • The mission is part of series planned by the European Space Agency (Esa) to demonstrate the rocket's capabilities

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