Still on the Cool Side Today..Record Warmth for end of Week/Weekend...May 1st

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  • After another chilly low of 3 this morning for YVR, there is still a chill in the air today.. but lots of warm sunshine
  • Our strong ridge of high pressure holds today and right through to the early next week continuing to bring in mainly sunny skies and warming temperatures
  • Tomorrow though, a low pressure system that is bringing rain to north and central coastal sections today, may swing a few more clouds across the region for more of a mix of sun and cloud...our high pressure should protect us through from any rain
  • Temperatures will also begin to moderate today..still looking at an afternoon just a touch below our seasonal 15... back to that 15 for tomorrow and by Friday looking to get into the high teens and low 20s by the weekend. By Sun/Mon inland areas could be feeling like the high 20s!
  • This will be about 10-15 degrees above normal and skies after tomorrow will be mainly clear. High temperature records are expected to fall this weekend right across the province

Avalanche warning issued for mountain parks with Warm Weekend Ahead

Flood Update: Rising Temps = More Flooding

FAA plan to terminate airport weather observers raises travel safety concerns

Scientists Warn of Massive Summer Algae Bloom in Lake Erie

Scientists Retrieve Temperature Data from Japan Trench Observatory
  • With the successful retrieval of a string of instruments from deep beneath the seafloor, an international team of scientists has completed an unprecedented series of operations to obtain crucial temperature measurements of the fault that caused the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.
  • "We will be analyzing the data to characterize the amount of frictional heat on the fault during the Tohoku earthquake,"

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