Much Warmer & Drier Starting Tomorrow...Still Some Risk of Showers Though...May 30th

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  • After a fairly dry morning, a round of showers are moving up from the south this afternoon thanks to an onshore flow behind yesterday`s rain-maker
  • By tomorrow though, a nice high pressure ridge starts to build in off the coast..however lingering moisture may get trapped near the sfc for tomorrow morning for a cloudy start but we are looking at sunshine but the afternoon
  • Temperatures will return to the high teens average also starting tomorrow; the first time in about a week and a half
  • There is also still a good chance of a late afternoon shower on Saturday as a weak system gets through..but a nice mix of sun and cloud for most of the day
  • Skies clear back out for Sunday for a lovely Sunday and the dry and sunny trend continues through next week
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Toronto declares heat alert for 1st time this year
  • Temperatures across southern Ontario today & tomorrow will hit the 30 degree mark..feeling like 35-38 with the humidex
  • The heat will extend through southern Quebec and out to parts of NB...a `heat wave`must be 3 consecutive 30 degree days so we will not quite get there with temps coming down 5 degrees for Saturday

Same Eastern Canada Heat is Fuel for Storms & More Tornadoes South of Border
  • Thunderstorm watch already in place in the hot & sticky air for SW Ontario
  • Tornado warnings already issued for US and risk will continue through this evening for the Mississippi valley

NASA's Drone Aircraft to Double Team 2013 Hurricane Season
  • During this year's hurricane season NASA will "double-team" on research with two unmanned Global Hawk aircraft winging their way over storms that develop during the peak of the season. NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3 airborne mission, will revisit the Atlantic Ocean to investigate storms using additional instruments and for the first time two Global Hawks

Scientists Discover a Bird Fossil in China That May Be Oldest Ever 
  • The 160-million-year-old bird would beat the current record holder by about 10 million years. It measured 50 cm from beak to tail, and lacked the larger feathers that would have given it the ability to fly. 

Genetically-engineered mosquitoes lose nose for humans
  • In a breakthrough, scientists have genetically engineered mosquitoes to alter their sense of smell, which could pave way for blocking the parasite's attraction to humans

Huge Asteroid Sails By Earth on Friday
  • A massive asteroid 3 km wide will zip by Earth on Friday (May 31), in a cosmic event that has grabbed the attention of stargazers, scientists and even White House officials. The asteroid poses no threat of hitting Earth during the flyby, NASA officials assured
  • The huge asteroid 1998 QE2 is the size of nine cruise ships, has it`s own moon!, and will travel within 5.8 million km of Earth on it`s closest pass around 1:30 pm EDT
  • Although invisible to the naked eye, binoculars can bring the space rock into focus

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