Couple Soggier Days Ahead But Back end of the Long Weekend Looks Good...May 16th

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  • Light rain that moved in yesterday evening continued through the overnight and into the morning hours. But now that systme has weakened and warm, sunny breaks have already begun across the south coast
  • Look for a nice mix of sun and clouds through this afternoon with temps in the high teens...the next pulse of moisture moves in for tomorrow morning
  • Spotty showers will be the story all day Friday and through most of Saturday. Friday afternoon/evening sunny breaks not out of the question and the showers will be light and spotty at best over the next two days, but definitley a greyer end end to the week
  • For Sunday, a little ridge of high pressure attempts to build in for only a small risk of showers but mainly sunny skies...and sunnier skies for the holiday Monday

Texas Tornado
  • After an incredibly quiet start to the US tornado season (12 months with a record low death toll), last night's deadly tornado swept through Granbury killing 6 and injuring up to 100 poeple making it the deadliest tornado in over a year
  • The same system also dropped a 'mile-wide' tornado about 35 km west of Granbury where damage was so heavy a state of emergency was declared..but luckily only minor injuries occured. There may have been as many as 10 touch-downs last night
  • The National Weather Service has given Granbury the firt 'EF-4' (winds >270 km/h) rating this year..(Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog)
  • An interesting factor floating around the weather blogs today:"Due to the clay-like soil in this part of Texas basements are very uncommon". Maybe one of the reasons death toll so high...warnings out well in advance
Photo by JeffMangum  in Millsap, Tx 

Billion-Year-Old Water Could Hold Clues to Life On Earth and Mars
  • Chemical analysis of the water shows that it has not had any contact with the Earth's atmosphere for at least 1 billion years, and even as much as 2.64 billion years. 
  • The water has the nutrients necessary for sustaining microbial life. If it is discovered that life could have been sustained so far removed from the rest of the world for so long, there may be implications for life on Mars. The team is currently working to find if there are any forms of microbial life in the water.

Tropical Storm Mahasen hits Bangladesh
  • The storm hit the coast early today (local time) just north of Chittagong, Bangladesh with top winds of 92 km/h
  • Mahasen likely brought a storm surge of up to a meter to the coast, but it is the storm's rains that are causing the main problems. 
  • According to Reuters 6 people have been killed but the storm could have been a lot worse

Japanese Reactor Is Said to Stand on a Fault Line
  •  Seismologists said Wednesday that a nuclear reactor in Tsuruga, in western Japan, stands above an active seismic fault, a finding that could lead to the first permanent shutdown of a reactor since the Fukushima crisis two years ago

Remembering the Dambusters 
  • Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most famous raids of World War II.
  • On May 17th 133 hand-picked troops, which included 30 Canadians, dropped bouncing bombs on German hydro dams, targeting the industrial sector.
  • The Dambuster was a big move that would turn the tide of the war but it came with a big price: Exactly 50% of the Canadians who took off did not return. There are only three surviving bomber crew members left around the world, and one of them is Fred Sutherland, 89, now living in Rocky Mountain House, Alta.

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Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



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