Another Beauty Today! Moderate Air Quality Though...Rain for the Weekend...May 9th

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  • Some stratus moved in again this morning with the marine layer but burnt off even quicker than yesterday. back to the blue for almost the whole province
  • Temperatures today also a little warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees- up to the mid 20s across metro Vancouver this afternoon
  • High pressure will hold into Friday. So more blue skies and above seasonal temps for the coast...and into the 30s for the interior
  • Look for another round of stratus tonight into tomorrow morning but again, a quick burn off 
  • By Saturday the ridge will start to flatten out and increasing cloud will be the story as a system approaches our weakened defenses. Showers look to begin Sat eve with the full-on rain for Sun
  • Right now it looks like temps stay mild on Sat before dropping into the high teens Sunday into Monday. So snow will stay well above the passes
  • The pattern remains unsettled for the start of the week but by mid to end of next week a ridge attempts to build back in so fingers crossed that pans out and we get a good long weekend
  • One other note today: with what appears to be smoky skylines (although in the mornings that could be the marine fog) along with milky visible satellites and bright sunsets it seems there may be some kind of pollutant in the air. The upper air flow is westerly and there is a chance smoke could be coming to us from Russia with a significant amount of wildfires happening there now that the winds could carry over the Pacific. A dust advisory was also just issued for Prince George


Amazing Pics of 'Burn Scar' Left From Cali Wildfires
  • The newest satellite that I mentioned a couple of days ago that is in place now to monitor changes of the Earth's surface passed over the Springs Fire on May 4, 2013. 
  • Burned areas are red, and the most severely burned areas are generally the darkest.


Easyjet to conduct volcano ash cloud tests
  • A tonne of volcanic ash has been flown from Iceland to Luton airport in readiness for a "unique experiment" to test an aircraft warning system designed to detect ash clouds
  • Ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which caused travel chaos in 2010, will be dispersed into the atmosphere in "controlled conditions".
  • An Easyjet flight equipped with the system then aims to measure the hazard.The airspace for the August testing is yet to be confirmed.

Researchers Find a Way to Make Steel Without Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
  • Research company received a grant from NASA to look for ways of producing oxygen on the moon and during their research they found that a process called molten oxide electrolysis could use iron oxide from the lunar soil to make oxygen in abundance, with no special chemistry and they have found that high quality steel as a byproduct.

Hit a 90 Mph Baseball? Scientists Pinpoint How We See It Coming
  • For the first time, vision scientists have pinpointed how the brain tracks fast-moving objects
  • A mystery until now because the eye takes one-tenth of a second for the brain to process what the eye sees
  • Instead the brain "pushes" forward moving objects so we perceive them as further along in their trajectory than the eye can see..that's why we don't constantly get hit by cars and balls..except for line drives (sorry JA Happ)
MLB FB Happ.jpg

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