Showery Next Couple of Days to Follow Our Gorgeous Tuesday...April 16th

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  • As our offshore high pressure system moves in today, blue skies will prevail.. Those NE winds that brought some t-storms to the mix yesterday are subsiding as well so temps are a couple of degrees warmer and no showers expected this afternoon
  • The next low pressure system is sliding down the north coast today and will bring more cloud cover to the south coast for tomorrow.
  • Showers will likley begin for Vancouver tomorrow evening
  • Wet weather will prevail Thu and Fri as the system pushes onshore
  • An onshore flow will prevail through the weekend meaning a showery set-up. But it will also be fairly mild and sunny breaks are not out of the question. Plus there is not a lot of agreement between the models yet so things could change

Iran Earthquake
  • The very strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Eastern Iran close to the Iran-Pakistan boarder. 
  • The depth was 80 km so not particularly shallow but strong enough that shaking was felt 600 km away
  • The USGS shake maps estimate intensities violent enough to make traditional adobe buildings (the main construction in that region) to collapse.
  • I do not see any direct connection to the M6.3 event on 9 April except for the fact that they occurred in the same plate collision zone but one event may have transferred stress to this event. They were however about 1000 km away from each other 
  • This is a highly seismically active zone with the Arabian and India plates colliding with Eurasia
  • However  large earthquakes as not as common as they are in other plate boundaries around the world.
  • A magnitude 6.7 shock 50 km to the south in 1983. In January of 2011, a M 7.2 earthquake occurred approximately 200 km to the east, in a similar tectonic environment to the April 16 earthquake.
  • There has been one 4.3 aftershock today but there may be more

Newfoundland Snow
  • A storm system is tracking towards Labrador tonight bringing heavy snow to the west coast of NL
  • Snow will develop overnight and is forecast to change to rain by Wednesday morning. Snowfall amounts of 15cm are expected over higher terrain tonight. 
  • St John's will get mainly cold rain for tomorrow but with 80+ km/h gusts

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