Rainfall Record Broken Yesterday..Showery Until Sunday...April 19th

  • Yesterday's rain broke a daily rainfall record for YVR with 18.8 mm set back in 1943. In total, YVR has seen about 33 mm of rain although it has mainly tapered to drizzle now
  • Visibility has also been quite low but the drizzle continues to ease up and we are looking at only an occasional shower for Vancouver through the rest of this afternoon and visibility will improve
  • Westerly winds will help clear things a little and we still may catch a glimpse of the sun..although risk of showers remain
  • Breezy westerly winds behind the front will continue to bring a mix of scattered showers for tomorrow even as a ridge attempts to build in. So unfortunately a mainly cloudy Saturday on tap..although sunny breaks not out of the question
  • Sunday the ridge really gets going and we should have lots of sun for the end of the weekend with mild temps
  • Mild temps will continue to build next week for a lovely warm & sunny stretch
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First Canada Tornado of the Season Confirmed
  • The strong line of thunderstorms we were tracking last night moved through the Shelburne area to the northwest of Toronto. Based on a damage survey by Environment Canada personnel, one of these thunderstorms produced a brief F1 tornado approximately 6 kilometres to the northwest of Shelburne with peak winds between 135-175 km/h
  • The Key damage noted at this scene was a barn with its roof and two walls removed with some pieces of the barn firmly embedded into the ground at a distance of 50 to 100 metres from the original location. 
  • The total length of the damage path was 500 metres with a width of 75 metres. 
  • Ontario sees an average of 12 tornadoes each year. This tornado also represents the first tornado in Canada to be rated using the enhanced Fujita (ef) scale as opposed to the original Fujita scale. The National Weather Service adopted the ef scale in 2007
  • http://weather.gc.ca/warnings/SWS_bulletins_e.html?prov=on

Texas Low's Last Blast on the East Coast Tonight
  • A cold front that brought severe weather to the Midwest and the Mississippi Valley and Ontario Thursday is crossing the Atlantic Coast states today producing heavy rain, locally gusty thunderstorms and travel disruptions. Heavy rain and gusty winds with possible severe thunderstorms will roll through Boston between midnight and 6am ET
  • Major flooding also continues from Missouri to Michigan
  • Torrential rain, concentrated in two days or less, has led to major flooding in parts of the Midwest. In some areas, flooding will continue beyond the weekend.

Same System Bringing Snow to Northern Ontario..and Big Cool-Down Today to Toronto
  • Varying amounts of snow, mostly in the 15 to 25 cm range, have already fallen in most areas across over northwestern and North Central Ontario.
  • Additional amounts of 5 cm are expected today bringing total amounts of 20 cm or more. In addition, wind gusts to 50 km/h will result in blowing snow.
  • Cooler air has also filtered in across southern Ontario behind the cold front dropping temps 20 degrees with gusty winds today!

Earth-Like' Planets Discovered By NASA's Kepler Telescope Could Host Liquid Water

Sex in Space May Not Be Safe
  • In addition to the mechanical difficulties of completing the act, actually conceiving and delivering a child in space could be "downright dangerous," SPACE.com reports.
  • Even so, the recent announcement by Inspiration Mars Foundation to send a married couple on a 501-day manned mission around Mars in 2018 suggests the first case of human sex in space may be around the corner
  • http://www.livescience.com/28870-sex-in-space-not-safe.html

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