Nice Start to the Week..More Active for Second Half...April 15th

  • Generally a nice mix of sun and cloud today for the south coast with high pressure building offshore
  • We may still catch a scattered shower though as we head into the afternoon with an unstable atmosphere and a rumble of thunder and even hail to eastern Vancouver out towards the valley not out of the question
  • Temps today are also still a little on the cool side with the same airmass that moved in on the weekend hanging on for one more day
  • The pattern for the next 3 days remains fair..and as that high pressure continues to build it will help to stabilize our air meaning warmer and sunnier conditions for Tuesday..and back to seasonal for the rest of the week
  • The next rain-maker will move in from the Pacific Tuesday for the north coast but will loose most of it's energy by the time it makes it way down to the south coast for Wednesday. Although it will bring a cloudier Wednesday to Vancouver
  • We finally loose our nice protective high pressure system Thursday bringing rain for Thu/Fri
  • At this point looks like a much milder weekend ahead than as of late but still risk of showers

Manitoba Snow
  • No watches or warnings in place because just below warning criteria but still 5-10 cm today with blowing snow. Light snow starting 6 am local time and will continue until this evening
  • Same system that brought 10+cm to SK yesterday

Taste of Spring for Ontario/Quebec
  • After a pretty miserable end to the week...the one is starting off with a warm and sunny for ON/QC. 
  • Temps today from Toronto through to Montreal will get up to the mid teens (which isn't actually that far off from seasonal, its just been so cold as of late!)
  • SW Ontario will get into the warmest air- Windsor has already hit 20 degrees and may see a few more on top of that today!
  • Temps will remain mild all week before dipping down again next weekend
Denver Snowstorm
  • The second major storm in many weeks will begin on Monday, bringing another round of heavy snow to the Rockies and Plains through at least the middle of the week.
  • Looks like 15+cm could fall again for Denver starting this afternoon

Dazzling Northern Lights Photos From Canada
  • A solar flare that occurred around 2 a.m. Thursday morning led to a spectacular display of northern lights Saturday night and early Sunday morning, especially across parts of Canada and Alaska.
  • Great pics:

NASA spacecraft may have spotted pieces of Soviet spacecraft on Mars
  • Russian space enthusiasts say a NASA orbiter may have captured images of pieces of a Soviet spacecraft that made a soft landing on Mars more than 40 years ago.
  • They say the evidence of the Mars 3 mission, the first successful soft landing on the Red Planet, is in images taken in 2007 by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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