Enjoy the Sun Today! Because..Well I think You Know Why...April 3rd

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  • Our weekend ridge has built back in behind yesterday's cold front for a relatively dry and sunny Wednesday
  • Temperatures will bump back up to around 14 degrees for YVR and high teens out towards the valley
  • We may see some sun linger through tomorrow morning but the first in a series of systems will swing through bringing rain for Thu afternoon
  • Overnight Thursday a general 20mm will fall for metro Vancouver with not much of a break at all before the second system arrives Friday afternoon. Another ~20mm on tao through the day
  • There may be a bit of a break Saturday during the day before the 3rd systems roll sin for Saturday night into Sunday for another ~20mm
  • A general cooling trend will being us back to afternoon temps of 11 for YVR and overnight lows of 7ish by the weekend 
  • Breezy conditions may also accompany the fronts through the next few days
  • Meanwhile arctic air will slide down across extreme northern BC for wind chills in the -17 range  with snow for Fort St John by Friday. Luckily the Arctic air won't sink much farther south than that. 
  • By Sunday the entire province will begin to ease out of the active weather pattern.. although showers may linger through early next week for YVR
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Smells like Spring out there! (The good kind of Spring smell)

Big Drop for Alberta
  • After those record breaking temps in the high teens, low 20s for AB, a cold front is dropping temps+15 degrees today with light snow
  • Seasonals should be up around 8-10 degrees for southern AB so they are well below today before a bit of a roller-coaster ride in tempos ahead this week

Spring Warmth Finally Coming to Western Europe...& Eastern US
  • Europe, much like the eastern United States, has experienced a very chilly March. 
  • March 2013 ranks as the second coldest March in the United Kingdom ever. March 2013 was colder than December, January or February of this past winter.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel for both the United States and western Europe
  • Springlike warmth will finally come to western and central Europe next week the reason that the warmth will invade the regions is one and the same: a blocking pattern has caused cold air to filter down across the eastern US and western Europe and that will finally break down
  • http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/spring-warmth-coming-to-wester-1/9466740

Chimps: Ability to 'Think About Thinking' Not Limited to Humans

Astronomers Anticipate 100 Billion Earth-Like Planets
- Researchers at The University of Auckland have proposed a new method for finding Earth-like planets and they anticipate that the number will be in the order of 100 billion.

Black hole seen devouring cosmic 'snack'

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