Cool & Sunny...Warm-Up Starts Tomorrow...April 30th

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  • Temperatures got down to 4 degrees early this am with frost across parts of the city. A slow warm-up today to a cool 13 degrees. It feels brisk out there even in the sun
  • Our ridge continues to build in nicely though so it's a mainly sunny day and the sun will continue -almost- right through to next weekend... Thursday may be a cloudy one
  • Look for another chilly night with temps down to around 4/5 again with the risk of frost in the clearer skies
  • Max temps though will steadily increase each day this week and by Friday YVR could hit 19, 20s for Sat/Sun/Mon. And of course that's a good 5 degrees warmer inland.
  • A system will slide in up and over the high pressure system starting in north coastal sections with rain tomorrow morning and sliding down as far south as the sunshine coast with showers tomorrow evening. But it looks like our ridge holds strong for the south coast- we may just end up with a mainly cloudy Thursday before back to the sun Friday onward
  • As we close out the month of April temperatures on the whole averaged out to about the norm but rainfall was well above average: YVR saw 115.8 mm, almost 30 mm above the average of 84 mm for the month. What to look forward to in May? Rainfall average around 70 mm as we head into a drier season
Seawall Calling..

Nasa images reveal mammoth storm on Saturn 20 times bigger than average earth hurricane
  • Nasa has released startling images of a swirling storm at Saturn's north pole which is 20 times larger than an average hurricane on earth and has winds four times as powerful
  • The images were captured by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft and shows the hurricane moving inside a mysterious, larger six-sided weather pattern known as The Hexagon.
  • It is thought that the storm has been spinning in the same place for years because it has been locked to Saturn's north pole unlike terrestrial storms which can move.
  • Awesome pictures and video available. News Network was running a good collection in the 11 am PT show
NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Tropical Cyclone Zane Aims for Australia
  • Zane currently has tropical storm-force sustained winds but is expected to strengthen further as it approaches the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland Tuesday night into Wednesday.
  • Winds could reach the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane before landfall across the northern half of the Cape York Peninsula, Wednesday night, local time. 
  • It is near the end of the southern hemisphere's tropical cyclone season


Early Earth smelled like rotten eggs? Canadian Connection

25 Degree Temp Difference Between Toronto & Regina Today
  • This week's forecast for eastern Canada is a sunny and warm one; 19-22 for Toronto right through the weekend
  • Same story for Southern Quebec & parts of the Maritimes (although not Atlantic Canada)
  • Meanwhile on the other side of the jet stream, the Prairies are below zero today and it's a slow climb back to double digits (and back to the Prairie melting) for the weekend

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Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud