Big Weather Changes Starting Now..April 4th

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  • The rain has begun across metro Vancouver, rolling into YVR around 11am
  • This is the first in a series of 3 Pacific storms that will affect southern BC over the next few days. Sounds like a bad omen from sister witches but that is actually the forecast
  • The rain will fall fairly steadily through the day and even pick up in intensity tonight and overnight to heavy and very heavy downpours. Rainfall totals through to tomorrow morning will be close to 30 mm for parts of metro Vancouver
  • The southern interior ranges will also get into the rain as the system spreads east later on today. although intensity will not be as high as the coast
  • OK so that was round 1! Round 2 will seamlessly slide in Friday afternoon for continued rain through Friday and into Saturday for another 15-30 mm. This system is more organized and may bring gusty winds as well
  • Finally system 3 will arrive Sunday though the steady rain is looking to taper to showers
  • As for temperatures, a gradual cooling trend is the story: coming down to 10 for Friday/Saturday. Freezing levels will gradually decline over southern B.C. as well with the passage of each storm. By tomorrow the local mountains will finally getting snow again. But that also means messy passes
  • At this point early next week still looks unsettled  but hoping for some Monday sunny breaks before a soggy midweek again
  • Meanwhile To BC's far north it's a different story with Arctic air pushing in. Snow and frigid wind chills as far south as Prince George for tomorrow
  • Avalanche risk is moderate today across the board.
You will be visited by 3 Pacific systems..and on the third night you will see 2 geese and you will know...there is still rain in the forecast

BC's Rain Will Be Alberta's Snow
  • The same low pressure system moving across BC today will re-develop in Alberta tonight bringing heavy snow to parts of Western Alberta and mixed precipitation to parts of Central Alberta this evening. Accumulations between 10-15 cm are expected with locally higher amounts possible.
  • For parts of Central Alberta this will start off as rain this evening before changing to patchy freezing rain as the overnight temperatures drop below zero. Freezing rain will then change to snow by Friday morning. These areas will likely receive between 5-10 cm, Edmonton included... Winter's back after 20 degree temps earlier this week!
  • Edmonton could be good for live looks tonight as ice changes over to snow on our watch

National Hurricane Centre Changes Criteria for Hurricane Warning!
  • The National Weather Service just announced today that, starting June 1, the definitions of hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings will be broadened.
  • The new changes will allow watches and warnings to be issued or remain in effect after a tropical cyclone becomes post-tropical, when such a storm poses a significant threat to life and property.
  • In addition, the National Hurricane Center will be permitted to issue advisories during the post-tropical stage.
  • The policy changes were motivated by the special challenges posed by Hurricane Sandy, which was forecast to evolve from a hurricane to a post-tropical cyclone prior to reaching the New Jersey coast.

Climate Change Winners: Adélie Penguin Population Expands as Ice Fields Recede
  • Adélie penguins may actually benefit from warmer global temperatures, the opposite of other polar species, according to a breakthrough study by an international team
  • Rsearchers saw an increase in population density within the colony as it filled in what used to be unsuitable habitat covered in snow and ice.

A Model Predicts That the World's Populations Will Stop Growing in 2050
  • Global population data spanning the years from 1900 to 2010 have enabled a research team to predict that the number of people on Earth will stabilise around the middle of the century. The results, obtained with a model used by physicists, coincide with the UN's downward forecasts

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