Back to seasonal with Drizzle Next few Days. Lots of Rain For Weekend...April 2nd

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  • It`s all over for now folks. But we had a great run didn`t we? Dozens of daily temp records broke once again yesterday across BC with the hot spot for the entire country being 23.6 in Osoyoos
  • Today however, an exiting low pressure system is tracking across BC, bringing a more unsettled airmass into play starting early this morning. No precip reported yet at YVR but light drizzle may sneak it's way down later today but generally dry northwesterly winds
  • Temperature have also returned to seasonal. Back to 12-14 degrees this week with overnight lows 8-10 degrees
  • Tomorrow the ridge rebounds a little meaning a drying trend tomorrow  Could end up with a sunny afternoon
  • We may keep the sun for the first half of Thursday but by Thursday evening it's all downhill to the weekend. Active weather pattern sets up with a series of frontal systems tracking in line
  • A near continuous feed of moisture expected for southern BC Friday through Saturday

Cold & Squally Jays Home Opener Weather
  • Wintry weather to kick of Canada's team's home opener. Just 1 degree right now in Toronto with on and off snow showers
  • Not far behind the coldest home opener ever at 0 degrees on April 7, 1977 for the Blue Jays first game in franchise history.
  • Snow squall watches still in place on the lee shores of Huron. Barrie picked up 5 cm yesterday and Collingwood could see 15 cm today
  • It's these snow streamers that are reaching the Rogers dome on and off..hence closed dome with the frigid temps. Pretty impressive looking radar shots with snow bands just streaming off the lakes.

Meanwhile, Record-Breaking Heat for Alberta Today
  • Temps across central & southern AB into the high teens and low 20s today breaking lots of records
  • Hot spot across the country is now Lethbridge at 20 degrees!
  • Big drop tomorrow with cold front; a good 15 degrees colder with snow flurries! 

Extreme Algal Blooms: The New Normal?
  • A research team has determined that the 2011 record-breaking algal bloom in Lake Erie was triggered by long-term agricultural practices coupled with extreme precipitation and warm temperatures. The team also predicts that, unless agricultural policies change, the lake will continue to experience extreme blooms.

New Insights On How Spiral Galaxies Get Their Arms
  • Spiral galaxies are some of the most beautiful and photogenic residents of the universe. Our own Milky Way is a spiral.
  • Researchers capitalize on powerful new computer simulations to follow the motions of as many as 100 million "stellar particles" as gravity and other astrophysical forces sculpt them into familiar galactic shapes and seem to resolve long-standing questions about the origin and life history of spiral arms in disk galaxies.

Obama proposes brain mapping project
  • Speaking at the White House, he announced an initial $100m investment to shed light on how the brain works and provide insight into diseases such as Alzheimer's and epilepsy.
  • President Obama said initiatives like the Human Genome Project had transformed genetics; now he wants to do the same with the brain.

Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China

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