A Windy Start to the Week... A Fantastic Forecast Ahead...April 29th

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  • Very strong winds have moved in behind the cold front that slid through Vancouver overnight last night
  • Wind warnings are still in place for metro Vancouver this morning. Gusts have been reported to 71 km/h at YVR 
  • Winds are beginning to ease and the warnings will likely be dropped in the next few hours..although a breezy afternoon will persist
  • The NW winds have also ushered in cooler air; a special weather statement still remains in place for the Coq: Hope to Merritt for an additional 5 cm today & tonight. 25 cm is already on the ground for parts of the pass
  • Skies will remain mainly blue behind the front.. and in fact, as a strong ridge of high pressure builds in we have one great forecast right into next weekend
  • Max temperatures will continue to climb steadily each day this week for 18/19 Fri/Sat/Sun...more like 25/26 inland
  • With the clear skies we may be watching for frost over the next couple of mornings 
The jets were having fun with some crosswinds gusts today at YVR.. Thanks Mike Hillman for the pic: @mikehillman89

Spring Melting Has Begun for Prairies..Some Rain Tonight
  • The warm weekend has begun the Spring run-off across the Prairies..water levels will continue to rise this week  
  • Run-off and ice jams will be a concern with still-frozen soils
  • A few roads were closed across the Prairie provinces over the weekend due to high water levels and portions of soft ground. 
  • The Red River Floodway Gates will Begin Operation today at 6pm CT
  • A system moving across the Prairies will bring as much as 5-15 mm of liquid (for some rain for others snow) starting tonight which will add to the rising levels
  • A 12-year-old girl who clung to a tree after being swept away on a flooded road in central Manitoba late Saturday night was rescued by firefighters:
  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2013/04/29/mb-girl-tree-flooded-.html

Sea temperatures off U.S. Northeast and Canada highest in 150 years

Plants Can Moderate Climate Warming, New Research Shows
  • As temperatures warm, plants release gases that help form clouds and cool the atmosphere, according to research from IIASA and the University of Helsinki.
  • The New study identifies a negative feedback loop in which higher temperatures lead to an increase in concentrations of natural aerosols that have a cooling effect on the atmosphere.
  • http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/04/130428144921.htm

Herschel Space Telescope Closes Its Eyes on the Universe
  • Sadly - though as expected - the most powerful far-infrared orbital telescope put in orbit has ended mission. The Herschel space observatory has now run out of liquid helium coolant, ending more than three years of pioneering observations of the cool Universe.
  • Some cool space pics.. will stay in orbit for at least 100 years but Scientists are looking at new ways to use the shell 
  • http://www.universetoday.com/101828/herschel-space-telescope-closes-its-eyes-on-the-universe/#ixzz2Rshvy2xI
  • Andromeda galaxy taken by the Herschel space observatory: 

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