A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month.. But Back to Drizzle Tomorrow

  • What a weekend! Day 6 of the sunshine today for southern BC. Temperatures topped out yesterday in the high teens low 20s for many, breaking records for a few spots:
Hope - 25
Lytton - 24.7
Squamish - 23.6
Whistler - 20.8
Vancouver Harbour - 17.2 (Old record set in 1962)

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  • We break break a few more records today although as temps once again get up into the mid to high teens for the coast and low 20s for the interior with lots of sunshine
  • By tomorrow though, our ridge of high pressure finally starts to break-down for a cloudier (with chance of drizzle) Tuesday
  • Wednesday the ridge attempts to strengthen again, meaning mainly dry conditions but still a mainly cloudy day
  • By Thursday we may catch a little more sun but looks like actual rain will move in for the evening and last through next weekend as systems ride into our coast. Maybe 30 mm Thu night through Saturday.
  • Temps will still be seasonal though this week: 12-14 highs after today
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Winter Chill Still for Manitoba

Big Temp Drop Today for Toronto... 
  • After hitting 12 w sunshine yesterday, Toronto had now dropped to just a 1 wit cold rain behind a cold front
  • Those cold NW winds are also bringing snow squalls to the lee shores of lake Huron for 10-15 cm locally

New Models Predict Drastically Greener Arctic in Coming Decades
  • New research predicts that rising temperatures will lead to a massive "greening," or increase in plant cover, in the Arctic.
  • Scientists reveal new models projecting that wooded areas in the Arctic could increase by as much as 50 percent over the next few decades. The researchers also show that this dramatic greening will accelerate climate warming at a rate greater than previously expected.
  • http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/03/130331165603.htm

Several Weather Trouble Spots for MLB Opening Day

Space Grenades and Mustaches? No, a Cosmic April Fools' Day

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A mix of sun and cloud