West Coast Enviable Weather Continues...And Gets Warmer...March 28th

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  • Fair weather & mild temps continue to be our story as high pressure sits just off our coast
  • A few isolated showers have once again popped up around Victoria & out towards the east mountains on the mainland. We may see those puffy cumulus bring an evening sprinkle or two to YVR but only a slight risk
  • The reason for the showers is the fact that our airmass is once again heating up leading to Summer-like weather and convection!
  • Temperatures today will once again get into the low teens near the water..but will feel more like the high teens inland Vancouver. 
  • Looks like the temperatures peak for Sunday, a few degrees warmer than today. 16 for YVR but 20s inland. We will likely break daily temp records.
  • By late Sunday into Monday onshore winds return dropping our temps slightly but the dry & sunny trend continues well into next week!
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Tonight I will be on location for both local and News Net- Very excited to be part of the 45th Southern Straits sailing regatta.

This evening is the Captain's dinner at the West Vancouver Yacht Club, the night before the start of the 45th Annual Southern Straits. I will be part of the weather briefing to all the skippers later that evening along with Environment Canada

76 boats will race in three different course, some of which will take the full long weekend to complete.. I will be part of the crew on board 'Sawlty Trousers' with my uncle as skipper tomorrow morning. I am by no means a professional sailor! But should be some good fun tomorrow with blue skies and light winds...


Sunny Long Weekend Forecast for Most of Canada
  • While Vancouver will have the best weather across the country by far... lots of sunshine for almost all of Canada over the next few days
  • Temps will still by hovering around zero for the Prairies (with the exception of a warm Friday for southern AB) but lots of sun all weekend long
  • More like high single digits for Ontario & Quebec but again lots of sun
  • Mixed bag Friday for Maritimes but then into the sun
  • Newfoundland only exception really with snow, blowing snow, cold 

Surprising Depth to Global Warming's Effects
  • Most estimates of ocean warming have been limited to the upper 700 meters of water, owing to the limited availability of ocean-temperature data below that depth. 
  • However, the ocean is also warming near the bottom, in the coldest waters of the abyssal zones. Oceanographers measure the abyssal ocean to depths of 6,000 meters..
  • http://www.livescience.com/28248-deep-ocean-warming.html

Literally, Locusts Hit Madagascar

Vancouver Weather


Mainly sunny