The Heaviest Rain Over! Unsettled Weekend but with Some Sunny Break. And Winter Isn't Over...March 14th

  • The last day of the pineapple rain! Heavy rain fell over night bringing the 65 hour totals to over 127mm for North Vancouver. 145 mm to Maple Ridge but only 30 mm to YVR. Parts of Vancouver Island west saw over 1870 mm. A full summary is here:
  • The rain has eased this morning, and so the strongest of the rain is over. But the cold front of the system will bring more rain later today...however rainfall amounts are below warnings criteria with this last round so all rainfall warnings have been dropped.

  • Westerly flow will set-up behind the cold front of this Pineapple Express that will finally sweep through this evening. The new airmass will be cooler and unsettled. Meaning showers still on tap over the next few days.
  • There are though no new 'systems' embedded in the westerly flow so on and off showers at best and I am still thinking we will see some sunny breaks especially on Sunday.
  • Freezing levels are also lowering through the weekend (after record breaking temps for the interior into the high teens and low 20s yesterday!).
  • Some models are hinting at snow for Sunday into early next week for higher elevations of Vancouver! 
  • That same Arctic airmass that is sliding south is current;y producing a swath of heavy sno across central BC interior and the southern BC Peace. Another 10-20 cm may fall by tomorrow morning on top of the close to 20-30 cm that has already fallen.


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  • Having analysed two and a half times more data than was available for the discovery announcement in July, they find that the new particle is looking more and more like a Higgs boson, the particle linked to the mechanism that gives mass to elementary particles.

Tropical Cyclone Sandra Roiling Australia Beaches
  • Tropical Cyclone Sandra weakened significantly on Tuesday, markedly lowering the threat of damaging weather to nearby New Caledonia.
  • At the same time, high swells radiating outward from the storm were bringing rough surf and rip currents, a phenomenon that was expected to persist through at least Thursday, to some beaches on faraway Australia's east coast.

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