Our Wettest Week this Season Continues...March 12th

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  • Steady rain moved in yesterday evening along a warm front and will continue in on and off bands of intensity through the day today.

  • Already 20-40 mm of rain has fallen across the lower Mainland  but we are starting to see easing conditions.. although steadier rain back for tonight and early tomorrow morning.

  • Rainfall warnings still in place for metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley for tonight and Wednesday as we continue to tap into sub-tropical moisture. aka atmospheric river aka mini pineapple express
  •  However the moisture is coming in waves, and it no looks like the rainfall totals on the west coast of Vancouver Island won't quite reach warning criteria so rainfall warnings have been dropped there
horeshoe bay.jpg
Horseshoe Bay..it's just that kind of day

  • After the early Wed rain we will see easing conditions to showers for much of tomorrow...but a second pulse of moisture will be brought in Starting Wednesday evening
  • 20 cm of snow has also fallen in Whistler village. A further 5 cm is expected before the snow changes to light rain. Heavy snow has also fallen on much of the highway passes. Milder air is moving in though and freezing levels will rise to 1500 m this afternoon so most will see the change over to rain. For the local mountains too..high avalanche risk for most areas
  • Some snow will stick around for the highest passes where as much as 20 cm may fall
  • Mild temps will stick around through to Friday with double digit highs and high single digit lows
  • The warm front will slowly lift north for Thursday & Friday bringing continued heavy rain for Thu with tapering showers for Fri
  • A cooler air mass will move in for the weekend bringing showers, but at least not the steady rain
  • All in all parts of Metro Vancouver could end up with over 60 mm of rain bu Friday with more like 100 mm for the valley and north shore. If YVR surpasses ~57 mm then this will be our wettest week this season!

Other Coast Getting Rained On As Well
  • Rainfall warnings in place for NS & NB & PEI for 30-50 mm tonight and Wednesday

Comet Pan-STARRS Near the Moon Tonight: How to See It
  • A comet sailing through the inner solar system is making its closest approach to the sun and will be at its brightest at sunset over the past few days, but the glare of twilight has made it tricky to see, until tonight
  • Comet Pan-STARRS was only discovered in June 2011 by astronomers. The comet takes more than 100 million years to orbit the sun and appears to come from the Oort cloud
  • http://www.livescience.com/27829-comet-pan-starrs-near-moon.html

NASA Rover Finds Conditions Once Suited for Ancient Life on Mars
  • An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes.
  • Scientists identified some of the key chemical ingredients for life in the powder Curiosity drilled out of a sedimentary rock near an ancient stream bed in Gale Crater on the Red Planet last month.
  • "A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars could have supported a habitable environment," said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Program at the agency's headquarters in Washington. "From what we know now, the answer is yes."
  • http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/msl/news/msl20130312.html

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Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud