Just a Slight Risk of a Sprinkle Tonight... Sunny & Warm for the Long Weekend...March 27th

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  • Fair weather reigns as a large ridge continues to stretch across the country..
  • The warm sun is hot enough though to kick off some daytime heating leading to some good-looking cumulus near the coast. These clouds may lead to a few evening showers for the south coast tonight. We may even see some lightning across Vancouver Island and the local mountains but the risk is low
  • The upper level low that I was worried would bring a cloudy Thursday looks like it is staying off in the Pacific which means we get to keep our sun for tomorrow after all!
  • The air mass will continue to warm over the next few days bringing temps 5-10 degrees above seasonal across southern BC.. we may break records by the weekend as temps peak on Sunday in the mid to high teens for the coast and low 20s away from the water!
  • The dry pattern continues well into next week as well even though temps drop off a little. Maybe a shower or two on Monday at this point but our strong ridge stays put.

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  • Their discovery could lead to the creation of biofuels made directly from the greenhouse gas responsible for trapping the sun's rays and raising global temperatures:"Basically, what we have done is create a microorganism that does with carbon dioxide exactly what plants do -- absorb it and generate something useful
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Vancouver Weather


A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud



Chance of showers