Few More Days of Showers (with Breaks Though!)..End of the Week Blue Skies...March 5th

Showers/drizzle will linger today with a large low pressure system that is sitting and spinning in the upper atmosphere off our coast.

Watch for heavier showers this evening and overnight as the low very slowly tracks inland through Wednesday.


- We may see a few sunny breaks between the showers for tomorrow
- Right now it looks like Thursday may start off with showers and mid cloud but will improve as we head into the second half of the day. Upper lows are often tricky to determine if we get some breaks, some showers or all cloud until the day of because of their meandering nature.
- An upper level ridge moves in for Friday and Saturday bringing lots of sunshine. Lots of confidence here!
- We may see some lingering cloud for Friday morning but blue skies will quickly follow
- The ridge starts to flatten out for Sunday, inviting moisture inland, but looks like systems may be slow on the invite so Sunday may also be dry..showers for Monday though
- Temps are a little on the cool side today with afternoon highs struggling around 7... recovering though to double digits by Thursday. Overnight lows stay cool though and with NW winds for Thursday, into the zero degree range for the end of the week...but enough sun this time of the year to bounce back during the day

Yesterdays Manitoba Snow, Tonight Major Eastern US Storm
- Impacts from a storm targeting millions of people in the Eastern states will range from travel disruptions and power outages caused by heavy snow to coastal flooding from storm surge. Starting tonight

Twitter becomes a tool for tracking flu epidemics and other public health issues
One of my favourite sayings from an undergrad thesis of sifting through data, is "one man's noise is another man's data". So maybe you should keep telling us about your breakfast..
- Twitter users send around 500 million tweets a day, an endless fire hose of information about how people feel, what they're doing, what they know and where they are.
- For epidemiologists and public health officials, it's a potential gold mine of data, a possible way to track where disease is breaking out and how it spreads, as well as how best to help -- but only if they can figure out how to find the useful signal amid all that noise.

Climate-Change Science Poised to Enter Nation's Classrooms
- New national science standards that make the teaching of global warming part of the public school curriculum are slated to be released this month, potentially ending an era in which climate skepticism has been allowed to seep into the nation's classrooms.

Wilderness Buffs Flock to Yosemite's 'Firefall'
- Some good pictures..I'll see if work will send me ;)

Herschel space telescope to go blind but EU Now Working on Worlds Largest
- The European Space Agency (Esa) is about to lose the use of one of its flagship satellites.
- Since 2009, the billion-euro Herschel telescope has been unravelling the complexities of star birth and galaxy evolution.
- But its instruments employ special detectors that need to be chilled to fantastically low temperatures.
- The helium refrigerant that does this job will run out in a few weeks and when it does, Herschel will go blind.
- But then on the flip side:
In the making: A telescope as big as a soccer field
- The EU might be a divided lot but 14 European countries have now joined hands for a common mission -- the world's largest telescope.

Global Warming Will Open Unexpected New Shipping Routes in Arctic, Researchers Find
- Good map

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A mix of sun and cloud



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A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud