Cloudier Midweek but Back to the Sunshine for the Long Weekend...March 26th

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  • Generally dry weather prevails this week with a gradual warming trend
  • Temperatures will continue to steadily rise reaching peak values this weekend at around 16 degrees for Vancouver and into the low 20s for the Okanagan and we will likely break records
  • There is a low sitting and spinning in the upper atmosphere just off Vancouver Island that is bringing us the cloud cover today and a mix of sun and cloud tomorrow. It is weakening however, meaning only a chance of light showers in the forecast for Thursday
  • By Friday though looks like we get back into the sun and just in time for the long weekend... likely the warmest air of the season for us

Manitoba's Flood Forecast is Out
  • Province of Manitoba officials released their spring flood forecast Tuesday, increasing their forecast to call for a moderate to major risk of flooding along a number of provincial waterways.
  • The forecast said there is an increased risk of flooding along the Red, Souris, Pembina, Saskatchewan, Qu'Appelle and Assiniboine rivers and in the Interlake area.
  • Provincial flood forecaster Phillip Mutulu said a heavy March snowfall and an above-average snowpack with a high water content contributed to the elevated risk.
A Clearer View of the Space Bullet That Grazed Russia
  • Scientists from the University of Western Ontario used an eclectic mix of crowd-sourced video, information from Google Earth and data from nuclear test-ban sensors, to get a much more accurate picture of the small asteroid that exploded near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk last month.
  • The Canadian team has calculated that the energy released in the Chelyabinsk explosion was the equivalent of about 440 kilotons of TNT, or about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb."If it had detonated closer to the ground, it would have been worse"
James Cameron donates Deepsea Challenger submarine to science
  • James Cameron has donated the one-man submarine within which he descended to the bottom of the planet's deepest chasm last year to the largest independent oceanographic research institution in the USA.
  • WHOI will use the submarine's technological advances in the organisation's ongoing efforts to build new and ever-more-effective deep-sea research vehicles
Cellphone location data a privacy risk?
  • A mobile phone user can be identified from a few items of location information on their position and movement when connected to a network, U.S. researchers say.
  • Such information, collected anonymously, is often used to provide services to the user and to allow for targeted advertising, but researchers say human movement patterns are so distinctive and predictable it is possible to identify a single user from just four instances of interacting with the network.

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