Wet & Breezy Couple of Days Ahead..Drier End of the Week...Feb 5th

Light rain moved in last night around 8 pm for metro Vancouver with heavier bands beginning about 4 am before tapering off after the 8 am hour.

The cold front to the system that brought us the rain last night is sweeping across the region today bringing...more rain, and breezy winds.

A few breaks this am over Burnaby but.. not anymore

- Steadier rain is just moving in now but will taper off to showers later this afternoon.
- Behind the front, the general flow will be from the southwest so showers will linger through this evening...Winds will continue to gust to 30-40 km/h. SE winds have already set-up for YVR and winds are starting to pick up
- Another low pressure system will slide in for Wed... with another disturbance for Thu bringing more wet weather
- Big winds will also accompany the Wednesday rain-maker
- By the end of the weak, drier weather will return as an upper level ridge builds in- looks like we could get some sun again Fri-Sat
- Total rainfall accumulations over the next 3 days may be between 30-50+ mm
- Local mountains will also get significant accumulations and avalanche risk will generally be increasing this week
Atlantic Canada Storm Linger for One More Day
- Snowsquall, wind and storm warnings still in place for much of NL today before beginning to weaken overnight tonight
- Winds still gusting over 100 km/h for St John's today
NASA's Super-Tiger Balloon Breaks Records While Collecting Data
- A large NASA science balloon has broken two flight duration records while flying over Antarctica carrying an instrument that detected 50 million cosmic rays.
- The Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (Super-TIGER) balloon launched Dec. 8 near McMurdo Station. It spent 55 days, 1 hour, and 34 minutes aloft at 127,000 feet, more than four times the altitude of most commercial airliners, and was brought down to end the mission on Friday.
Mobile Network Can be Used to Track Rain
- A way to measure rainfall using mobile phone network signals has been put into practice across a whole country.
- Rain absorbs and scatters mobile phone signals in a way that can be analysed to yield an overall rainfall picture.
- The trial in the Netherlands, outlined in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed the method is comparable to radar and rain gauges....But it can be put to use in the many regions where radar is not installed, or where rain gauges are in decline.
- High-quality precipitation data are needed for accurate flood warnings, or to effectively manage local water resources but the number of rain gauges has been dropping around the world.
How Smart is Your Dog?
- The "Dognition" project could revolutionize scientific understanding of dogs by gathering data from man's best friends all over the world.
- The free Dognition app starts out by asking dog owners to answer questions about their pets' behaviour. But the meat of the Dognition experience comes from games people can play with their dogs to assess five dimensions of intelligence: empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning.
Holograms Preserve Holocaust Survivors' Stories
- As soon as next year, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., could feature holograms of elderly Holocaust survivors that answer questions from visitors
- http://www.livescience.com/26846-holocaust-survivor-museum-holograms.html

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